U.S. Department of Labor predicts that jobs in entertainment and arts sector will grow by 25% through 2014.

Entertain, act, amuse, and perform – that’s what a performing artist does! Although it is something many of us are capable of, but having a flourishing career in performing arts takes more than passion and performance, it takes talent, endurance, awesome communication skills and a little bit of luck. But before you do launch an artist in any field, acquiring good education, networking and branding skills and experience are the stepping stones to success.

artsCareers in performing arts have gradually been increasing in popularity in this decade. Is this because of the ease of travelling compared to older generations of performers? Or maybe it is due to the increased hype over celebrities that our younger generations are growing up into. Either way, top performing arts colleges around the globe are waiting to see what you, or your child are capable of offering to the performing community!

Whilst there are many different opportunities in the performing industry, such as dancing, acting, musical talent or even down to magic, these colleges are able to provide the training and offer the best that the industry has to give, to make sure our upcoming stars are treated well and rise as a star successfully.

Some careers in Performing Arts

  • Actors, Producers, Directors
  • Dancers, Choreographers, Theatre artists
  • Musicians, Singers, Comedians

Choose the Right College

Choosing what to get into, what interests you or even what talent you may already have, is critical in choosing your performing arts college. Want to take up theatre? Don’t go to a dance based college. Whilst this may seem simple, you would be surprised at how many people will apply to a college that specializes in a different area of the industry, whilst it’s not their fault (such as distance restrictions, student fee’s difference or easier access to scholarships) it is still important to research your college before applying.

Secondly, you need to keep an open mind when it comes to being taught an art form. Whilst you may think that you are the best at busting out the Michael Jackson dance moves, a critical (and professional) eye may say different. Try not to be too upset if this is the case, as their critical thoughts will in fact, turn your act around and make you a better student, and later on in life, a professional dancer.

Once you pass through college, and you have a degree in your selected profession, it is relatively easy to get into a career line, with your talent and expertise the only barrier for your upcoming success.

Other than the careers mentioned above, there are some other great jobs that you can look up, here is a great retarget if you are still undetermined as to what career you would like to get into!


Required Skills

Other than a graduation degree, a relevant college major or passion for performing arts there are some other skills which are desirable as you enter the job market or start on your own:

  • Strong communication skills – performing on stage with a group or on your own requires a lot of confidence and strong communications skills will take you much ahead in the long run
  • Analytical skills – how good are you at drawing logical conclusions and research when it comes to making decisions – it’s important to know what and how you deal with people and get ahead in the competitive world or performing arts.
  • Critical thinking skills – there is a tough competition out there – think how you can be creative, unique to stand-out
  • Confidence and resilience – in a performing arts career you’d be out there interacting with people, reaching out to  market yourself or performing on stage; all this requires a lot of self-confidence and resilience.

To be prepared for this career keep in mind these skills need to be polished and practiced upon well. The world of performing arts looks  glamorous and enticing but you’d need a strong armor of skills, a burning desire and strength to persist to make it a success.

Good luck! And yes a little of that as well….



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