It’s a great time to be looking for a job if you’re a computer enthusiast. There are hundreds of jobs in computer technology, and these ones are the best.



Cloud Architect


I’m sure you know plenty about cloud computing and cloud-based storage. But do you know how it works? Just because the cloud can’t be seen or touched as such, it still needs to be taken care of by professionals who know what they’re doing. So, that means you could get a job as a cloud architect.

All that data and storage space needs to be organised and compiled by a human to make sure that it’s being used as effectively as possible. It’s also one of the highest paid jobs in information technology right now too. If you are thinking about going into a specific IT sector, choosing the cloud could turn out to be very lucrative for you.


Database Manager


Pretty much every business in every sector uses databases in some form or other. Whether it’s to look after the company accounts, the payroll or to store customer information. They’re an essential part of the modern business world. That means that there are plenty of career opportunities in database management.


As a database manager, it will be your job to identify all of a business’s information management needs. There probably won’t be just one aspect of this job. Most companies have a variety of different information management needs that need fulfilling by someone like you! A good starting point is Excel 2013 training at


IT Consultant


It’s hard to precisely pinpoint what it is that an IT consultant. They do lots of different jobs, it all depends on what a particular company needs. It’s the job of the IT consultant to go into a company and evaluate their computer systems and do tests to determine what they’re doing right and wrong.


You’ll then have to come up with some solutions for the company. They’ll want you to tell them how they can run their computer systems in a cheaper, faster and more effective way. The money is pretty good too because you’ll be providing a service that a lot of businesses will want to use.


Mobile App Developer


You probably have a smartphone or tablet, or maybe both. And if you do, I’m sure, like everyone else, you use apps a lot. Everyone uses apps nowadays. There can’t be many people who haven’t used them at least once. Whether it’s an app to tell you the weather forecast or one of the latest games, they all have to be developed by someone.


You could start out as a developer from home and come up with an app that will take off with the public. Alternatively, you could learn the necessary skills and work for an app development business. Companies are increasingly in need of app developers because they’re getting more popular all the time.


The explosion in computer technology is only going to get greater, so moving into an IT job is a very good idea.