Popular technical job roles in the United Kingdom will remain robust and may become even livelier in 2019. This may seem surprising in light of the U.K.’s withdrawal from the EU. Even the U.K.’s tech sector is expressing concerns that Brexit might inflict lasting damage to its industry. While leaving the EU may pose new challenges to the U.K.’s tech sector, the impact will likely be minimal, if not negligible. Some analysts even predict that the U.K.’s exit from the EU will be a boon for local talents who are primed and ready to fill up technical job roles. So, why is the future looking bright for employment in the U.K.’s tech industry? Here’s a look at some possible reasons.

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A Fast-growing Industry

Since 2016, the U.K.’s tech industry consistently remains as one of the fastest-growing economic sectors in the region. The growth is strong, achieving a rate that is 2.6 times faster than the U.K.’s overall economy. According to the Tech Nation Report 2018, the entire U.K. tech industry is worth on the upward of £184 billion (approximately $241 billion in United States dollars) in 2017, up from £170 billion (approximately $223 billion USD) in 2016. The same report revealed that the U.K. ranks third worldwide for total capital investments in information technology companies.

These figures underscore the U.K.’s drive to become the best place in the world where startups can establish and build a digital tech business. The robust growth of the U.K.’s tech industry is also what made London as the second most connected location for tech in the world next only to Silicon Valley in the U.S. Among the U.K.’s most notable tech companies that are experiencing robust growth are Farfetch, TransferWise, Deliveroo, Funding Circle and Improbable.

It should come as no surprise why the Tech Nation Report 2018 reveals that jobs related to digital tech from 2014 to 2017 rose to 13 percent. Technical job roles, according to the report, command higher pay averaging around £42,000 ($55,000 USD) compared to just £32,000 ($42,000 USD) for jobs that do not require tech skills.

The Brexit Effect


Even though some worry that the U.K.’s labor market will tighten in 2019 because Britain left the EU, concerns about its effect may not be as bad as they may seem. Britain’s exit from the EU is expected to result in the exodus of both skilled and unskilled workers. Since London-based tech startups rely heavily on international talent, the demand for local skilled tech workers will increase in 2019. There will be a mad scramble for local talent among tech startups to fill the void that will be left by international workers. The scramble will likely result in even better wages and benefits for local tech personnel.


Top 3 Most Sought-after Technical Job Roles for 2019


1. Cybersecurity Experts

Attacks from hackers and malware are constant threats to businesses that rely heavily on the internet for transactions and in communicating with their clients. Since cybercrime is expected to rise, the demand for digital security experts will also increase.

2. Artificial Intelligence Engineers

As businesses continue to automate their operations with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), engineers will not want for employment opportunities. These engineers are also expected to work alongside cybersecurity experts to make sure that the AI code is not tampered with or compromised.

3. Data Analysts

This job role has been around for quite some time, but the field continues to grow. Data analysts provide businesses with important insight into relevant and actionable pieces of information.