Technology plays a key role in the way businesses are run and has transformed our personal lives. As we rely more on technology and innovation, both have become popular fields of study. If you’re interested in tech and the digital world, there are a range of career paths available.

To pursue one of these career paths, you’ll want to find a degree program that will give you the tools and skills needed to secure a job in a thriving tech industry. We’ve compiled a list of the top five tech degrees that can help you pursue a technology-based career. 

1. Computer Forensics

When you elect to pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems, you have the opportunity to choose from a number of different specialties. Computer forensics is a hard skill employers are looking for.  While enrolled in CIS courses, you’ll learn to be a virtual detective, finding flaws and entry points that could be used to commit cybercrimes. One of the key components of the course is tech core, which leaves you with a strong foundation and extensive knowledge about the technology field. 

2. Software Programming

Another specialty area worth pursuing is software programming. If your goal is to be at the forefront of the IoT, this one is for you. This is a broad degree that covers everything you need to know, including operating systems, protocols, security, connectivity and testing. When designing software, there are certain processes that should be followed, and the user experience should be a priority. Once you have completed your degree, you can explore a range of employment opportunities.

3. Web and Mobile Application Development

Web and mobile apps are increasing in popularity, and one of the top tech degrees is software development, with a web and mobile application development specialty. The aim of this degree is to prepare you for a career that focuses on mobile and web experiences, and how to best create responsive content. You will leave with the skills to work on a variety of platforms, including mobile apps, enterprise solutions, websites, wearables and the IoT.

4. Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a specialty offered when you choose a bachelor’s degree in engineering technology. This is an exciting field, as the career opportunities are extensive. As renewable energy continues to become smarter and more relied upon, you can be a part of creating change. Courses focus on green technologies, with three key areas of study: engineering technology, software information systems and information technology.

5. Web Game Programming

A degree in computer information systems, with a specialty in web game programming, will never feel like work! As you learn how to create a game from the initial concept to the final product, you’ll get to use your creativity along the way. Games are played on a variety of platforms, including phones, computers and tablets, and you’ll need to know the methods of development for each platform. Whether it’s a multi-player or individual web-based game, this degree will give you the right tools to successfully program a playable application.

Find an Area of Study Worth Pursuing

If it’s time for a career change or you just want to learn something new, consider enrolling in an online technology degree program. You’ll find new challenges and be at the forefront of new technological advances just waiting to change the world.