The number of cooking shows on TV has helped to make working as a chef more popular career than ever before. If you have been tempted by the pull of the kitchen, and you feel that you have talent, there are some things you must know before you start.

Having this information, before you start out on a career as a chef, helps you to make sure that you will be successful on your career path as a chef.

Safety is important

There is no getting away from the fact that working in a professional kitchen can have some risks, but hey, no risk no gain. However, if you decide that working in a kitchen is for you, there are steps that you can take to reduce the risks involved. These steps include:

  • Wearing the right protective clothing. If you become a chef you should always ensure that you wear protective jackets and trousers. You can buy your workwear at and be sure that you are well protected against dangers such as the spilling of hot oil.
  • Storing knives and other sharp kitchen utensils in blocks in order to protect yourself and others around you from any accidental cuts.
  • Keeping hair tied back so that there is no danger of it coming into contact with open flames. This also helps to prevent food from being contaminated by hair.
  • Wearing comfortable and non-slip shoes so that falls are less likely.
  • Refraining from carrying oil around the kitchen when it’s hot. It’s also important to cover hot substances such as oil.

Stress levels can be high

Professional kitchens can be extremely busy. It’s normal for there to be several orders on the go at one time. It’s a good idea to bond well with those you work with. The pressure is on for others as well, as you’re on your feet working long hours and often in hot environment. Make the most of your daily job by helping others as you can and making friends in the kitchen.

There’s a bond among a kitchen staff, I think. You spend more time with your chef in the kitchen than you do with your own family.
~ Gordon Ramsay

Culinary school learning may be a plus

There are plenty of things that a culinary school education will not teach you. However, going to culinary school can be advantageous for some people. It gives you an understanding of cuisines from across the globe and a good foundation in traditional styles of cooking. Of course, this does not mean that you have to go to culinary school in order to have a successful career. There are several well-known self-taught chefs out there.


Get cooking! As you fill others will delight and satisfaction, remember there are only a few other careers that give as much happiness to you as to others.