Individuals interested in health sciences and information technology can opt for an online health information degree as it is tailor-made for people having interests in these fields. An online health information technology degree combines two areas of studies while enabling you to qualify for a job in health sector.

Earning an degree in information technology can be beneficial for a career change or transition to the healthcare industry. Some of the growing careers in the field of healthcare are listed below:


1.    Health IT Specialist

Pursuing an online associate’s degree in online health information technology degree allows individuals to become an IT specialist in the healthcare field. As a health IT specialist, you will be responsible for maintaining and updating computer systems as well as medical records that are used in a variety of healthcare settings. Health IT specialists who specialized in specific types of healthcare software and networking systems can also work for health-related businesses and insurance companies.


2.    Health Information Technician

Getting your health information technology degree online also prepares you for the position position of medical records and health information technician. As a technician, you are accountable for organizing and storing patient’s healthcare documents, managing different medical records such as doctors’ visits, test reports and treatment plans. For qualifying the position of a health information technician, you’d need an online associate’s degree in health information technology that would give you an in-depth knowledge in computer software programs and data systems.

With regards to salary, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that medical records and health information technicians may earn up to $35,010 yearly.


3.    Medical Coder

Individuals who earned an online health information technology degree with specialization in medical coding are eligible for the position of medical coder. Medical coders analyze patient’s health records and assign code so that payments can easily be calculated and assigned. In addition, medical coders also assist with coding system used to bill patients, insurance companies and government Medicare programs.

As far as salary is concerned, medical coders have good earning potential and may earn a yearly salary ranges from $22,311-$48,625.


4.    Cancer Registrar

It is another rewarding career that can be pursued by choosing an online associate’s degree in health information technology degree. Cancer registrars are basically special health information technology professionals who evaluate cancer patients’ medical records and allocate codes based on a patient’s disease and treatment plan. They monitor patients’ progress for a long period of time. Later, patients’ medical information is used to determine the progress of particular cancer treatment options among particular individuals.

Cancer registrars may earn a yearly salary ranges between $28,978-$57,529.


5.    Medical Transcriptionist

Earning an online health information technology degree can help you prepare for the post of medical transcriptionist and give you all the skills and essential knowledge required for this job. Medical transcriptionists prepare patient’s medical records of symptoms and treatment by listening the audio recording from physicians and health officials. They transcribe autopsy and progress reports of patients, alongside essential points during meetings between physicians.

So, if you are interested in any of these careers, you’ll need to earn an associate’s degree or a certificate program in health information technology that will give you essential knowledge and skills needed for getting a job in healthcare field.


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