Over the 2008-18 period, occupations such as hotel, motel and resort desk clerks, tour guides and escorts, and flight attendants are all projected to increase in employment. via bls.gov

Many humanities majors are at a bit of a loss about what kinds of jobs they can get after graduation. They tend to think that they’re not really qualified for much because they don’t have vocational training. However, a humanities education does develop many qualities which can help graduates with jobs in the travel field.

Not only for those with specialized degrees in travel and hospitality industry, travel jobs rank high on employing those with little experience or those fresh out of college.

Workers under 25 years old account for nearly one-quarter of the  travel industry but only 13 percent of other sectors of  the economy. (Source: “The Quality of Tourism Jobs,” Economic Policy Institute,
March 2012)

When you think about travel, you might imagine a dreary desk job where you’re stuck booking gorgeous holidays for other people. However, that’s not an accurate representation of the travel field. Of course, you may have to learn to do the basic vacation-booking, but there are many more interesting jobs available in travel. Jobs at Royal Holiday, for example, offer fascinating opportunities and often require the skills developed by students majoring in the humanities.





Communication Skills Matter

Employers generally find that humanities majors, such as those who studied English, other languages, Sociology, Anthropology or Philosophy, to a good fit for most travel related jobs. Of course they are expected to be good at communication, which is essential in any field but even more so when it comes to travel. Those who work in the travel field might often have to communicate with people who speak different languages, and knowing a second language comes in handy. Even if your communication is all in English, it always helps to be able to speak articulately and write clear emails and memos. These are skills that humanities majors generally possess more than those who majored in business or computer science.


In addition to booking vacations, travel jobs can vary from Cruise Ship Director to Gaming Dealer. You may also find yourself in the position of Tour Guide or Recreation Worker. Not only will these jobs give you the opportunity to see the world, they’ll also bring you in contact with a wide variety of people, developing and honing those communication skills you’d already developed in college.


Cruise Ship Director

As a Cruise Ship Director, you could be in charge of an entire cruise ship, managing all the staff that work on the ship, working out itineraries and planning events on board the ship. Of course, you may not be eligible for a job like this right out of college but, after a few years of working in the travel industry, there’s no reason why you couldn’t start working your way up to eventually become a Cruise Ship Director.

An Overview of Responsibilities as a Cruise Ship Director

(but are not limited to):

* Directs, coaches, supports, supervises and evaluates performance of entertainment employees, while guiding team to assist in developing activity programs for specific audiences and notifying employees about company policies

* Responsible for all policies, procedures and programming of activities, ensuring that activities are carefully planned with other offerings onboard and monitoring productions and technical areas within the department

* Ensures guests receive high-quality, prompt and well-presented entertainment and pleasant attention through service staff within brand standards

* When requested, furnishes budget proposals covering accounts, and maintaining records of expenditures and base requirements

Tour Guide or Recreation Worker

A job as a Tour Guide or Recreation Worker is within your reach as a recent graduate. To be a Tour Guide, you need to familiarize yourself with the history of an area and learn about the kinds of details that people like to know. Managing groups of people, keeping them safe and entertained, will also be part of your job description. This can be a fun and exciting job which gives you the opportunity to see the world and meet people. As a Recreation Worker, you’ll work at resorts or spas, organizing activities for adults as well as children. This is another great job if you like to work with people.


Overall, the travel industry has a great deal to offer a recent graduate in the humanities. Not only will it utilize the skills you’ve already developed, it’ll give you the opportunity to travel and learn more about yourself.