There are certain people out there, such as travel writers, professional musicians and sports players, who get to see the world as part of their job. However, these people are extremely blessed, and their job titles aren’t all that reachable for the majority of us! While you may not be an artistic genius or have the skills to become a travel journalist, there are still many more accessible careers out there which will allow you to see more of the world. If this sounds like a dream come true, here are a few careers to consider.


Cabin Crew / Flight Attendant

If you manage to get a job on board an airline, you’ll get to fly to various different countries on a regular basis, and may even have a chance to base yourself abroad as well. A lot of flight attendants who work for Emirates, for example, are given opportunities to base themselves in Dubai. When they’re working, they’ll put smiles on passenger’s faces on planes to New York, LA, Paris, Sydney, and a whole host of other locations scattered around the globe. If you’re thinking of applying as a flight attendant, be sure to choose the airline in accordance with the places you want to travel to. Remember that the long-haul airlines have more varied and longer stop-overs, meaning that you’ll have more chance to explore.


Fleet and Truck Driving

driversIf you’d love to see more of the world, but you hate the idea of customer service, then fleet or truck driving could be a more fitting career for you. True, it may not be the most glamorous job to tell people about at parties, it can be very lucrative, rewarding and exciting, according to this site. Every country on earth has some description of fleet service, and thanks to various leaps forward in technology, it’s becoming more and more accessible and easier to do. Drivers in the US can see a number of different states, as well as parts of Mexico and Canada, in the space of a week. There’s also a certain degree of freedom and flexibility that long-haul truckers experience, which you simply can’t get with many other careers. Provided you deliver your loads on time, that is! If you love the open road, and want to see more of the world, then truck driving could be a great career for you.


Hospitality Staff on Cruise Liners

If you have some experience working in hospitality, and you get enough satisfaction from the job, then a career on a cruise liner could be the perfect way for you to take your job all over the world. Cruise ships dock at many different ports in the course of a typical voyage, and although the work can be very demanding at times, you’ll have many opportunities to see the stops and get a taste for different cultures. In a customer-facing role, you’ll also get to meet people from all over the world, and hear all kinds of stories. If you’ve got sea legs, then working on a cruise liner could be perfect for you.