Did you know that there are close to 6 million commercial buildings in the United States of America? There are many types of construction projects out there and each one provides a ton of value to society as we know it. Construction projects are what allow you to use roads and highways to drive on, as well as stores to shop at.

Learning about the different construction project types is important. You want to have a greater understanding of how many construction projects there are all across the country. Understanding what are construction projects will help you appreciate the benefits that a construction project manager provides to the people in your community.

The good news is that you’ve found your way to this helpful construction project guide. You’re ready to learn about different types of construction projects. Keep reading to learn more today!

Commercial Construction Projects

The most common type of construction project that you’ll encounter is the commercial construction project. Buildings that have a commercial purpose fall under this category. If a construction project is underway to bring your area a Target or a Costco then that is a perfect example of commercial construction.

There is often a massive scope to these construction projects. That means that they require more and larger pieces of equipment, as well as more construction workers.

Restaurants are a common type of commercial construction project. If the restaurant that is getting built is part of a chain then they need to stick to the required architecture for that chain. Independent restaurants are a bit more complicated to build compared to chain restaurants.

Office buildings are another common type of commercial construction. Some of these buildings could be smaller buildings that are meant for small businesses to operate out of. Some commercial construction projects will focus on building skyscrapers. These buildings are hundreds or even thousands of feet tall.

The last common type of commercial construction project is building commercial buildings for grocery stores and retailers. You’ll encounter plenty of projects where a construction company is putting a shopping center in your town. They also need to design and build parking lots for these commercial buildings that allow for a smooth flow of traffic.

Residential Construction Projects

Another common type of construction project is the residential construction project. These projects include building new homes as well as apartment buildings and condominiums. These construction projects need to comply with the building codes in your area in order to allow people to live there.

Apartment buildings are a common type of building that gets constructed for residential purposes. Each apartment needs to have a sleeping area as well as an area where the tenant can store and cook food. Some apartment buildings will allow hundreds of people to live there. That means that they’re much larger than a single-family home.

As a construction project manager, you can also oversee the building of townhomes. Use this guide to become a certified construction project manager and bring these projects into reality. Townhomes are fun to build because they’re single-family units with multiple floors and shared walls with other units.

A residential construction manager also gets to help with building dormitories for colleges in the area. Planning and building a dormitory building takes a lot of time and effort. It is one of the best forms of residential construction that you can build.

Infrastructure Construction Projects

Infrastructure construction is also known as civil construction, and it is vital for keeping the world as we know it spinning. The most common infrastructure project that you’ll encounter is highway construction. There is no doubt that you’ve encountered road work at some point in your life.

Any time that you’re driving past road work, you’re driving past one of the types of construction projects. The construction manager is responsible for building these highways as well as maintaining them over the years. If the area starts to gain a larger population then it is possible for a construction project that will expand the road and allow for more lanes.

Bridges are another big part of civil construction. Bridges are one of the most challenging and complex types of construction projects that you can manage.

Bridges often require more money to build compared to other types of construction projects because of how complex they are. Both bridge construction and bridge repair are vital for keeping people safe and allowing for easy travel from Point A to Point B.

The last common type of infrastructure construction project is building airports. The construction team could build a new airport or they could fix an existing one and make it nicer. It is also possible to expand these airports to allow for more terminals.

Industrial Construction Projects

Industrial construction is also a big deal when it comes to construction projects. If you’re planning on building large facilities then your construction project is an industrial construction project.

Buiding warehouses is a sure sign of an industrial construction project, as is building a factory. These projects are quite complex. You’ll need help from skilled and experienced subcontractors to help get the project off of the ground.

If you plan on building a warehouse then you’ll want a large and open space with high ceilings. This design allows you to store more goods than other designs.

Oil refineries and larger manufacturing plants will require a massive team in order to take them from a blueprint to a building. An oil refinery is even more difficult because you’ll need a large number of pipes running through the facility and the job site. Make sure that you find the best subcontractors in your area to help with construction.

Now You Know the Types of Construction Projects

There are many types of construction projects, and each serves an important purpose for keeping the world spinning. Residential construction allows people to have places to live.

Commercial construction projects focus on building things like restaurants and stores. Infrastructure construction is arguably the most important. It allows for nice roads and stable bridges.

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