Have you ever wondered, “What degree do you need to be a school counselor?”

School counselors are the folks who help students with their schoolwork and feelings. They’re like friendly guides in the world of education. But how do you become one? Well, the first step is getting the right degree.

To be a school counselor, you usually need to go to school yourself! You start by getting a college degree in things like psychology, education, or social work.

After that, you continue your studies and get a special school counseling degree. You also need to learn how to talk to students, be understanding, and keep secrets.

It’s an important job, and this guide will tell you more about the degrees and steps you’ll need to become a school counselor.

Bachelor’s Degree

Your journey to becoming a school counselor starts with a bachelor’s degree. Think of it as the first step in your school counseling adventure. It’s like the foundation that you build upon.

In your bachelor’s degree, you’ll learn important stuff that will help you as a school counselor. It’s like getting ready for the big job. You can choose a major related to things like psychology, education, or social work. These majors will teach you about how people think and feel, which is super useful for school counseling.

But remember, having a bachelor’s degree alone doesn’t make you a school counselor. To do that, you need to go to the next level and get a master’s degree in school counseling. That’s where you’ll learn the specific skills you need for the job. So, think of your bachelor’s degree as the first step in your exciting school counseling journey!

Master’s Degree

To become a school counselor, you need a special degree called a master’s degree. Think of it as your expert training. This degree teaches you important things like how to help students who are going through tough times, both in school and in life. It’s like becoming a friendly guide for them.

In this master’s program, you’ll learn about how to listen and talk to students so they can feel better and do well in school. You can even learn to be a counselor for students who might be dealing with problems like drug use. This is important because it helps students get the support they need.

Besides classes, you’ll also get to practice what you’ve learned in real schools. This hands-on experience is like your training ground, making you ready to be a great school counselor. So, your master’s degree is like your key to becoming a helpful and caring school counselor.


The classes you take to become a school counselor are like building blocks for your learning. They help you learn how to support students in school and in life. When you’re in your master’s program, you’ll study lots of important things.

You’ll learn about counseling techniques, which are like the ways counselors help students. You’ll also learn about how people change and grow as they get older, which is called human development. And if you want to be a licensed therapist or help students with drug problems, you can take special classes for that.

All of these lessons get you ready to be a wise and caring counselor. You’ll be able to talk to students, understand what’s bothering them, and guide them through tough times.

With the right coursework, you’ll be all set to be a great school counselor, whether you’re helping with school issues or more complicated problems like drug counseling. In addition, you can learn about how to become a drug counselor by visiting this link.

Practicum and Internship

Practicum and internship are like real-world training for future school counselors. They’re super important in your journey to become one. These experiences give you a chance to use what you’ve learned in your classes in a real setting.

During your practicum and internship, you work in a school for real. It’s like a sneak peek into your future job. You spend time with students, talk to them, and help them with their challenges. This hands-on experience is really valuable because it helps you learn what it’s truly like to be a school counselor.

Experienced counselors will guide you and teach you how to listen, support, and create a safe space for students to share their feelings and problems. It’s like a practice round to build your skills and confidence to become a great school counselor.

So, think of practicum and internship as your training ground, where you gain the real-world knowledge and experience to become an awesome school counselor.


Licensing is like your official permission to be a school counselor. It’s an important step in your journey to become a counselor. To work as a school counselor, you need to meet certain rules set by your state or country.

These rules often include finishing the right education, like getting a master’s degree, and doing a practicum and internship. You might also need to pass a state test to prove you know your stuff.

Once you meet these rules and get your license, it means you’re officially ready to be a school counselor. This license shows that you’re qualified to help students with their schoolwork and personal problems while following the rules of your job.

So, think of licensing as your official pass to become a trusted and certified school counselor, ready to support students.

Understanding What Degree Do You Need to Be a School Counselor

So, to wrap it up, the path to becoming a school counselor is all about learning and doing. You need two main degrees: a bachelor’s degree to start and a master’s degree to specialize. The bachelor’s degree gives you the basics, and the master’s degree teaches you the important stuff.

Hands-on experience through practicum and internship is like a sneak peek into your future job. It helps you learn the ropes. And don’t forget about getting a license; it’s like your official stamp of approval.

Once you have that license, you’re all set to be a school counselor, helping students with their schoolwork and life challenges. You’re like a guide in their educational journey, ready to make a positive difference in their lives.

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