Are you interested in changing your career? That’s great! Why not become a life coach? You can always learn how to start an online coaching business that helps you create a product that not only delivers but also looks good.

After all, it’s a rewarding career where you can help teach others how to decrease stress, solve problems, and be more accountable. But what is a life coach exactly?

Don’t worry, with this guide; you can find out! From the role of a life coach to its salary, you can find out if being a life coach is right for you.

Now, are you ready to get started? Here is a quick look at the job of a life coach:

Responsibilities of a Life Coach

Life coaching takes a certain degree of patience, understanding, and willingness to care and listen to people’s needs. If you want to help people who want to better themselves, personally or professionally, life coaching is certainly the career for you. But what is a life coach?

A life coach’s role is to simply help the client with where they are and motivate them to reach where they want to be in the future. Clients who search for a life coach tend to be going through a career milestone or a job loss; they may even seek motivation or want support for a religious journey.

Also, life coaches aid in pinpointing personal blocks and suggesting growth opportunities for clients. That way, clients can continue to grow and move forward with their journey to reach their goals.

All good life coaches should be able to help their clients with:

  • Enhancing communication skills
  • Boost self-confidence/self-esteem
  • Increasing productivity
  • Boost team/ individual performance

After all, a good life coach is someone who creates a trusting relationship with clients while inspiring them and pushing them to meet their desired goals.


Life coaching does not require a certification. However, it’s highly recommended that you receive training and become certified. After all, taking courses is a great way to build connections within the industry. Also, it’s the perfect way to learn new ideas and build new practices in the field.

Plus, as a certified life coach, you’ll have more credibility. Clients will want to work with you since they know you have the knowledge and proper training to help them with their journey.


While salaries vary between businesses, most certificated life coaches make $27,000 to $101,000 per year. With the average salary ranging around $62,500 a year.

Private life coaches usually charge $231 for an hour session. However, some charge up to $300 per session. Thus, life coaching can be a very successful and rewarding career. Just make sure to market yourself and find connections within the industry; that way, you can make a profit quickly.

Apply To Be a Life Coach Today

Being a life coach is a vastly rewarding experience. Not only do you get to help clients better themselves, but you can learn the skills necessary to live a happy life for yourself. The job itself pays more than the average salary.

Just remember to become certified. Once you’re certified, you’ll notice an increase in your cliental. Most clients want to work with life coaches who’ve been trained; thus, clients tend to pay more for a certified coach.

If you’re interested in learning more about what is a life coach, visit our website today. We look forward to helping you!