Many people choose to get into the healthcare sector because they love and are passionate about caring for people. Others pursue a nursing career path because they look up to a family member or a friend who has been in the field for years. No matter your reason, you might be undecided about what type of healthcare profession is right for you.

With about 211, 280 nursing practitioners in America and massive job growth anticipated over the next few years, there’s increased demand for advanced practice nurses. However, becoming a FNP takes a lot of time and learning since you need to earn a master’s in nursing degree and pass the necessary certifications. Despite that, there are many benefits to becoming a nurse practitioner. If you’re not sure what career path to take, here are a few reasons you might want to become a nurse practitioner:

1.  Pursue a Specialty You Love

One of the key reasons you might consider becoming a nurse practitioner is that you can choose a specialty care area you’re passionate about. As a nurse practitioner, you can select an area of specialization that inspires you and matches your healthcare experience. The good thing is that there are many nursing specializations that you can choose from, depending on your preferred work environment and patient population.

The flexibility to specialize in a single area of practice offers you the chance to hone your skills and impact the patients’ lives since you focus on a specific population. This also helps you be more committed to your job, motivating you to become successful in your particular practice area.

2.  Boost Your Earning Potential

Another great reason you should become a nurse practitioner is to increase your earning potential. While completing NP education and training will cost you lots of money and time, getting an NP certification will open doors to lucrative opportunities with greater salary potential.

For instance, becoming a nurse practitioner can increase your salary by up to 44% compared to what a registered nurse earns. Becoming a nurse practitioner can guarantee a financially stable future, considering the growing demand for advanced practice nurses. As an NP, specializing allows you to choose a practice area with the highest annual income.

3.  Greater Nursing Autonomy

Apart from allowing you to work in different settings, earning a nurse practitioner certification lets you enjoy greater autonomy in your practice. Unlike registered nurses who work under the supervision of a physician, as a nurse practitioner, you can work more independently. Since you don’t need an expert clinician supervisor, you can even open your own practice and provide care to your patients as a primary care provider.

With complete practice authority, you can make diagnoses, order diagnostic tests, create treatment plans, and even prescribe medications to patients. This way, you can fill vacancies in areas with physician shortages.



There are many compelling reasons you should consider becoming a nurse practitioner. Not only is it a rewarding career, but it also offers you the chance to earn a competitive income and positively impact many people’s lives.