Every student wants to advance with their highest marks. You want to do your best and receive the grades that show the effort you’ve put in. Developing study strategies is one of the beneficial ways to do this.

The only thing is, bad study habits often cloud your ability to retain the learned information. Preparing for exams and knowing the information relies on you knowing how to put the time and effort into studying.

If you haven’t quite gotten those grades to where they should be, it’s time to look at your strategies. Follow below for 5 of the ways you’re hurting your grades.

1. Waiting Till Before the Test to Study

One of the worst study strategies is to wait until the night before to try and cram in all of the information. Your brain is not able to retain the information when you’re trying to force yourself to try and remember in a crunch.

Instead, try taking study skills classes and learning how to retain the information little by little.

2. Being Afraid to Ask For Clarification

A common problem when it comes to your grades is being afraid to ask questions. Many students are afraid they will be judged for not understanding the material. Questions are the best way to understand what is being taught.

Looking for further clarification helps you as well as informs the teacher what isn’t being taught very clearly.

3. Sleep Plays a Part

Sleep is one of the best things you can make sure to do to improve your studying efforts. Getting a good night’s rest means that you’re able to focus longer. Your brain has the chance to retain the information provided.

Depending on your age range, there are different sleep recommendations. Be sure that you’re shutting off screens and putting in the effort to get the best possible sleep hours you can.

4. Using Too Many Notes

Be careful how many notes you’re providing yourself to study. There is such a thing as having too many notes when it comes to learning information. Do your best to break down the lessons into the key pieces that will be on the test.

Breaking down your notes allows you to remember key pieces.

5. Slacking Off During Group Study

Many individuals are not able to participate in group study. It is very easy to slack off and stop engaging with studying when it comes to having an audience or studying together. If you are someone who doesn’t learn well in a group setting, do your best to reduce any group study proposals.

Fix Your Bad Study Habits

Instead of looking at those grades and feeling disappointed, it’s time to fix them. Go over your bad study habits and eliminate them from your routine. There are much better ways to study that will hone the right results.

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