career-opportunityCollege is the perfect time to find yourself. Discover who you are, what you stand for and find a direction for your future career. But are the lessons we learn in class enough? Are we acquiring new skills that we can put to use? In short, is our present education system getting us ready for the jobs and opportunities of the future?

Being proactive early in your college can get you the skills you need to be prepared. There are tons of skills we learn during college that will be applicable post graduation.

Although having a strong background in science, mathematics has a place in the academic and career worlds, skills such as creative writing, public speaking and also blogging skills are some that you can develop while in college. These “Soft Skills” are applicable across multiple career s and must not be ignored.

Let’s take blogging for instance, you might be chatting with your friends, sharing ideas or writing essays at college. Using these skills to start blogging can help you establish a stronghold online and have your presence marked when recruiters search for you online.

Learning how to overcome major obstacles, identifying which methods work best for you, learning how to multitask, working on your communication skills are just some of the key life skills you can learn while still in college.

Below are the top 5 self-improvement skills you can learn while still in college:


no-01rPersonal Development

This has to be one of the major skills one acquires during your time at school. Personal development can be achieved through networking and participating in community events. Personal growth and development can be learnt through trying new things, failing, succeeding, reflecting, and becoming aware of one. Personal development helps you realize you’re potential. Strive to understand your strengths and weakness. Build your strengths – what you are good at, what you are passionate about. While moving forward on the positives, don’t be put down by the negatives or failures that you might encounter during college. Sooner or later, you’ll learn that failure is essential for growth. How you bounce back from such failures determines your commitment to growth and development.

Other personal development skills include:

– Listening

– Learning how to balance work and life

– Social and professional etiquette

– Confidence building

– Healthy habit cultivation

– Self determination and motivation


no-02rProject Management Skills


By participating in internships and playing major roles in student organizations, you will be able to gain project management skills that other only learn through work experience. In all future career moves, project management is an essential skill to hone on. Some skills under project management include:

– Budget management

– Organizational skills

– Conflict resolution

– Task Management

– Strategic planning



The business world has evolved and is evolving at a cut-throat speed. Many traditional ways of doing things are outdated. To stay ahead of the crowd, you have to be creative and have never-heard-before ideas that your followers will find intriguing. Creativity allows fresh insight and perspective on old methods. Innovation is not a buzzword, it is “the’ skill to be up and ahead of competition. Learn from your peers and teacher on how you can think creatively, or work on creative projects that foster creativity and innovation. Some creative skills learned in colleges include:

– Creative problem solving

– Effective ideation and brainstorming

– Creative facilitation

– Critical thinking skills



One of the worst thing about technology is how easily distracting it can be. It is important to hold yourself accountable in your career such that productivity is prioritized. This will ensure that all tasks are done efficiently. With all the new gadgets being introduced in the markets, it is primal to learn how to use this technology as a tool and not a distraction. Some of the skills taught in college that will help you stay productive are:

– Time management

– Focus and minimizing distractions

– Multitasking

– Prioritizing

– Goal setting

– Healthy habits


no-05rCommunication Skills

Communication skills are everything! A strong communicator can be able to adapt to the audience, portray an idea, inspire others, and emerge as a leader. Key communication skills learnt in colleges that are applicable in your future career are:

– Effective writing skills

– Simplifying tasks

– Presentations and public speaking

– Inspiring others


Apart from the skills mentioned above, always remember that what you do now will take you where you want to go. So if you have a task a hand or assignments to complete, focus on them first. When studies burden you, don’t shy away from asking for help, professional writing services like can help you connect to academic experts.


Success is never simple and never final. Keep working on the key skills and your tasks at hand. #CareerSuccess