There are always risks involved with moving overseas, which is why many are concerned about working abroad. However, when jobs are hard to come by in difficult economic times and career prospects are limited, leaping is necessary. Even when you’re just planning to work overseas for the entire summer, it’s already enough to help advance your career. Having the opportunity to work abroad can’t be ignored, and moving for professional reasons could be just the thing to propel your career forward.

An international career is one of the best ways to understand another culture and country. Traveling is paid while you build your career and experience a life-changing adventure. Working abroad isn’t just about earning a living while traveling, but if you’re unsure about whether it’s the right move for you, read down below and understand the benefits of working abroad for the summer.

Here are the reasons a summer job overseas can help your professional and personal life:

1. Boosts Your CV

Working abroad can boost your CV, and that’s, perhaps, its most significant advantage. Nothing beats the jobs with life experience in terms of how it can impact both your career and personal life. Considering most people plan to move back home at some point, it’s essential to ensure that your time away won’t be wasted, but, instead, will enhance your resume.

The flexibility, adaptability, independence, communication, and soft skills you develop while working in a foreign environment will undoubtedly improve. Moreover, working with diverse individuals to achieve a common goal will enhance your ability to work as a team. As a result, different points of view will inevitably boost your fairness and impartiality, and will enable you to be an objective thinker. These qualities and more will help you become an effective leader and will earn you a good job position when the time comes that you work in the corporate world.

2. Makes You Stand Out From The Rest

Employers highly value experienced international students. Few students explore the benefits of interning or working overseas, as opposed to studying abroad. One of the benefits of this program is learning real-world skills you can apply in your industry. The second benefit is that you’ll be building a network of international connections. Putting both on your resume will help you stand out when applying for jobs. You will end up being a strong candidate for multiple companies that you’ve applied for.

In a QS study, 80% of employers worldwide actively seek students who have studied abroad, especially in countries like Germany, Spain, and Switzerland. What a difference international work experience would make!

3. Increases Cultural Awareness

One of the reasons for working abroad is that you can get a feel of the local culture and gain first-hand knowledge of the country. This experience can be beneficial not only from a professional standpoint, but for your personal life, too. Getting a better understanding of a particular practice can be gained by experiencing a different work culture around the globe.

Understanding the needs of different audiences is key to being able to cater to their expectations. It’s essential to continually learn from these experiences so you can develop new and inventive business methods, which you can, later on, apply to your home country when you finally decide to go back.

4. Promotes Personal Development

Before you apply some tips for a summer job search, decide on the country that you feel will make you grow as a person. Taking a new job in a new country will undoubtedly push you outside of your comfort zone. Changing your safe, comfortable routine is the best way to grow as a person. It’s guaranteed that you’ll gain new perspectives and discover things about yourself that you never knew before, whether you’re a frequent traveler or this is your first trip abroad. Your personal growth will be enhanced as much as your professional development by adopting a new perspective.

5. Expands Your Professional Network

Having professional connections is one of the most powerful tools available to individuals. They can’t only advocate for you when you apply for a position, but they can also let you know when there are vacancies or opportunities. Global networks are even more potent because they allow you to take advantage of retargets available both in your own country and other nations.

If, for example, you worked at one of the overseas locations of the company you wish to work for back home, then imagine how many brownie points that would give you, especially when you go back home and apply to your desired company. The experience you have will provide you with an advantage over other candidates, plus your network and connections will also help and back up your application.

6. Enables You To Communicate With Many Nationalities

Additionally, you’ll learn how to communicate with people from different cultures and languages, and better understand the cultures and languages you’re unfamiliar with.

Also, studies are finding that learning a new language doesn’t necessarily depend on how long you’re immersed in a new culture, but, rather, on how well you interact with others. By taking advantage of every opportunity to speak the language and learn from native speakers, you can sharpen your foreign language skills even if you’re only working abroad for the summer.

7. Helps You Earn Money

It’s true—most jobs abroad pay at least as well as ones at home. There are several countries abroad where you can earn a decent living. You might even be able to save more in other countries, thanks to their lower living costs. During holidays and possibly in between work opportunities, you’ll be able to travel even more.


Working abroad offers many advantages. A college or university may even grant you credit for your participation as a student. For recent college graduates, years of experience aren’t always required to secure a position to work overseas. Regardless of where you’re studying or what your professional goals are, chances are there’s an international opportunity out there just for you.