Are you confused about what writing an essay entails? Well, you don’t need to be. It might be a difficult task, but it is a doable one. They are used to rate the strength of your logical thinking and your ability to turn that thinking into a coherent write-up.

There are several questions a reader or lecturer asks after reading your piece, they are:

  • Does this piece completely address the proposed subject?
  • Does it give a strong position?
  • Is there enough clarity?
  • Is the style appropriate?
  • Is the write up properly organized? They want to see an introduction, body and conclusion.

If you provide positive answers to these questions, then your piece can be termed perfect. Other steps need to be taken, to create a perfect piece. Stay with me and i’ll give some advices of to improve your essay writer skills!

Make a plan

Making a plan is the first thing to do before starting. A wise man once said,“if I am given 6 hours to cut down a log of wood, I will use 4 hours to strategize and the remaining hours to cut”.  It may take your time, but if you create a good strategy you will save time.

It helps you flow properly because you know where your points are. All you need to do is write down some ideas and everything becomes easier. You can also write keywords that will express your opinions better.

Create a good structure

This makes it easy for your lecturer to read your work. Your piece should have an introduction, body and conclusion. You must create a logical structure and all your paragraphs should answer the same question. You can have three major paragraphs.

If you agree with the subject, your piece should be arranged in a pattern of YES (supporting the question), AND (Another point to support the subject), BUT (disagreement or complication). If you don’t agree with the subject, arrange your write up in this way YES-BUT-AND. This helps you stick to your argument.

Your teacher may give you extra marks for a well-organized piece. You must always support your arguments with points and examples.

Support your points with properly analyzed quotations

Just like you do with scientific documents, you must always support your arguments with evidence. You must consider using literary techniques such as

  • Tricolon: a group of three words or phrases put together to make a point
  • Tautology: using multiple words that mean the same thing, such as “reverse” “back”
  • Parallelism: involves starting another concept
  • Polysyndeton: more than one conjunction in a sentence
  • Asyndeton: Absence of conjunctions in your piece

Remain creative and authentic

You must avoid plagiarism. Stay original and creative. Every writer has a unique way of writing, you must identify yours and live by it. you must learn to summarize your piece and avoid repetition. Your conclusion is always the sought-after part of any write-up.


Anything worth doing should be done perfectly. Perfection doesn’t happen at once; it is a process. In the end, you have to be patient with yourself and follow these tips. You can write a perfect essay!