Passing the ACT exam, or the American College Testing, is a requirement for incoming college students. This is a standardized test that covers areas on science, reasoning, mathematics, English, and reading.

All universities and colleges in the United States and 225 other universities operating outside the US require incoming college students to take the ACT exam. If you’ll enroll in college soon, do it’s always important to know how to prepare for an ACT exam.

Aside from deciding what course to enroll in college, preparing for the ACT should be included in your to-do list. A good ACT score allows you to apply for scholarships and can be an asset for future employment.

Here’s how you can be successful in your upcoming ACT exam:


Invest In At Least Two Study Books From Reputable Sources

Preparing for the ACT exam might seem difficult. But, today, this task can be easy and convenient. All thanks to the number of reputable targets you can use in studying.

As a preparation for your upcoming ACT exam, invest in study books from reputable targets, such as Kaplan. These materials are excellent targets of information about the questions covered in the ACT exam. Some of these materials also include several practice tests.

Because these materials are convenient to bring, you can study anywhere and at any time of the day. The more you study for your ACT exam, the higher the chances you’ll have in getting a good score.


Plan Out And Stick To A Study Schedule

As mentioned, the score you’ll get from your ACT exam can play a big role in your life today and in the future. If you want to get the most out of your college life, you should start by striving to get a good ACT score.

Because of its importance, planning and sticking to a study schedule is a requirement. You should make time to study for your upcoming ACT exam – and not only read the materials if you have free time.

For you to create an effective study schedule, know the ACT test date and register early. Registering three months before the exam schedule is the most ideal. It’ll be easy for you to study well and avoid cramming when time is on your side.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to be realistic with the study schedule you set for yourself, too. Can you study effectively for eight hours straight, or is it better if you study for two whole hours? Can you study for the ACT exam every day or do you have other responsibilities on your plate? Putting too high expectations on your study schedule, and not being able to meet any of them, can be frustrating.

Instead of aiming too high, start by committing at least an hour for four days a week to study for your ACT exam. Allow your mind to rest so you can grasp more information.


Focus On Improving Your Weaknesses 

The ACT exam is divided into several sections. Each section will contribute to your overall score. For you to earn a good score for your ACT exam, assess your skills and determine which among these sections you are weak.

Are you having issues comprehending what you’ve read? Do you have problems solving mathematical equations? Pinpoint which areas of the exam you think you need the most help and focus on studying them. As a tip, if you’re studying for two hours in all other subjects, you can extend an hour more in your weakest subjects.

Instead of skipping the practice tests for your most dreaded subjects, learn to embrace them, and look for materials that are suitable for your learning pace. Sure, you might dislike studying for mathematics or reading, but if you find the right strategies, you’ll be able to answer these questions with ease.


Don’t Forget To Relax The Night Before The Test

One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make when they’re preparing for an exam is cramming. Sure, it might be tempting to pull an all-nighter or study minutes before the ACT exam but doing any of these won’t guarantee a better score. In fact, cramming will only impair your mental functions, making it hard for you to recall any information you’ve studied hours before.

Make sure that none of these happen to you by relaxing the night before the test. Since you already allotted time to study months before the exam, reward yourself by going out with your friends or getting a meal from your favorite restaurant. In short, do anything that can get your mind off the test!


Think Long-Term

If you want to start your college life on the right foot, spend time and effort in preparing for your ACT exam.