Words might fail us, but writing is the best way to communicate your thoughts, yourself to the world. Whether entering the workplace or standing out in college applications, it is what’s written on that paper that gets you through to the next step. Do your best and do it well.

Here are some tips to write an awesome college essay that can help you get into a college of your choice, often the best path to a stellar career.

1. Tell a story

Competition is on the rise, almost unheard of what it was for your grandparents and soon enough it would off charts as what your parents had experienced during their grad days! Telling a cool, striking or meaningful story in your college essay can help you stand out from the thousands of applications ready for review. Start with brainstorming on a few ideas and narrow down on a few. You’ll be surprised to see that often what you had thought as the best idea might not be the one you’ll be building on. Seek tips from books and online material on college essay writing.

See the infographic at the end of this post on tips on college essay topics.


2. Work with Essay Writers / Experts

It’s easy to tell what you must do and a lot tougher to actually do it. You might need advice or assistance from experts and there should be no hesitation in doing so if you feel that a little extra push can help you excel in your writing skills. You can even choose the best custom essay of any type and work your way from there to see how you can reach to that level. Just give it your own touch, your personal experience stories to make it your own. Whoever is on the other side reading your essays is considerably more intelligent than you, don’t try to plagiarize, they’ll know!


3. Review and Check

Ask someone from your teachers, family or a mentor to review your essay and take in the criticism without being defensive! Review and re-write based on suggestions but overall keep the tone your own. Take in those suggestions that have been communicated thoughtfully and intelligently.

Also, check for clarity, accuracy, grammar and general flow of the essay.

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