You’ve just enrolled in college. Congrats! But with all the excitement comes some hefty price tags.

While tuition, room and board, and food are necessary expenses, textbooks don’t have to be. Gone of the days of sky-high textbook purchases.

Wondering how this is possible? The answer is easy!

There are tips and tricks for buying the books you need when you need them, and you’ll still have money left over.

Keep reading and you’ll know when to buy college textbooks and how to ensure you snag the best deal around.

When to Buy College Textbooks: The Basics

It’s best to begin your bargain hunt with used books. New textbooks are no longer a necessity due to readily available used books. They’re an excellent way to save money once someone else is finished with them.

While student loans cover textbooks, there’s no sense is accruing excess debt if you can avoid it. Plus, used books have tons of cool perks.

Benefits of Used Books

Used books boast countless benefits. Not only are they cheaper, but you may even find someone highlighted all the important information already. This can be a huge help as you navigate your new-to-you textbook and study for exams.

The content in a used book is the same as a used book. The only difference is cost. If you’re tired of wasting your money on overpriced material, then remember these tips for buying textbooks.

It Pays to Read

Visit your local library. You’d be surprised how many textbooks they have, and you can check them out aka rent them, saving you money.

Wondering when to go? It’s best to visit the library as soon as you register for classes to ensure you’re getting the best books before someone else does.

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

If you decide to head to your campus bookstore, make sure to get there early. Used books tend to fly off the shelf. Make sure to get your used copy of American Lit before the lines form.

The Internet Is Your Friend

When in doubt, turn to the internet. You can find used books for cheap using this comparison tool. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on a pricey new textbook you’ll use for three months, shop online for a used one that’s just as good but priced for the college student on a budget.

Make sure to get a list of ISBN numbers for the books you need. You’ll need these when looking to comparison shop.

Another one of the best tips for buying college textbooks is to ask your professor about free versions online.

Get Ready to Purchase

As you can see, the once dreaded task of purchasing textbooks is now easy and affordable thanks to used books and comparison shopping. With your new knowledge, you’ll know when to buy college textbooks and how to find the best deals.

It’s estimated that 85% of college students delay buying books due to the price. Used books are one solution to help offset textbook costs.

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