“This is not what I should be doing, but there’s not much I can do about it.”

You have not found time to give it a thought. Or you have had it in your mind but never had the courage to talk with someone or discuss the possibilities of being in your dream career or job. “I feel I should be doing something else, but this is how a job is usually done!”
The point is, you just want to do what you are doing because you have always done what you have been doing.


1. You have researched somewhat and given up the thought, convincing yourself that “having my dream career is a myth or simply unpractical.” You have seen people being successful in their dream jobs and making the best of their lives, but have convinced yourself that “this does not happen to everyone, he’s /she’s lucky!”

The point is, you have arrived at a judgmental statement even before giving it fair effort of a thorough research.


 2. You are not ready to leave your comfort zone and explore what really drives you. You have become so used to your lifestyles and comforts that you feel if you feel that if you keep on juggling as you do today, things would remain in control.

The point is, you are not ready to take risks.


 3. You’re always worried that you would not make the amount of money you are making now in your day job if you went for a job that you truly love.

The point is, you’ve not given much thought to the possibilities and time to calculate how your dream job can bring your equivalent or more dough as your present job.


 4. “It’s not going to work out. Even if I get there what about my family time, I might be compromising on that, I might have to move to a different place. My manager would not let me go until this project is over and the deliverables are due till next year. I’ll pass the thought perhaps…”

The point is, you blame your circumstances.


 5. “There is no way my dream career can be a reality. I have a vision what could be ideal and perfect career most suited for me, but no one else seems to be doing it. What if I meet failures and there’s no one else to learn from in that field? ”

The point is, you are not ready to be a pioneer.


 6. “I have so many ideal careers that I could pursue. So many choices and I love all of them. I am so confused, and that’s one of the reason that I never was able to point to one as the most ideal one!”

The point is, you have not taken time to evaluate what you are truly passionate about.


 7. “I have been in an accomplished career for a long time, what will my family say, or what will people say if I just give it up like that?”

The point is, you have not yet convinced yourself and truly confident about your dream career.


 8. “To get to my dream job, I perhaps need an MBA, or further courses. Are they all worth the time and effort? What if I don’t get there even if I enhance my skills as others have done?”

The point is, you have a mindset of going with the crowd, you have not thought about your way to get to your goals.


 9. You hesitate to seek expert advice. “After all, I know how to steer my career, and right now everything seems to be going alright. I can search around if ‘something’ goes wrong.”

The point is, you are not proactive about your career.


 10. “I don’t know someone in this field. If only I knew it would have been simpler.” our networks are stronger than ever before, if you have not leveraged the power of social networking and smart networking you’re probably missing out on a lot.

The point is you have not taken time to get out there and meet people and strengthen your online networking skills.