It is now two years since I started on my blog and has it been an enlightening journey!

Recently a couple of my friends have asked me why I never thought about changing the title of my blog- Satisfying Career – Happier Life to something simpler or just something else. I did not ask them why do they ask so, but I simply cannot think of any other apt title. It is what the blog is about and a philosophy I feel many of us are working towards – to have a satisfying career and a happier life.
Thanks to all the readers of this blog for making it a success that it is today. When I started writing at this blog, the readership was around perhaps 50 readers per month now with close to 10,000 visitors a month from around the globe and page views more than 15,000 per month; it is reaching out to many who are searching for what I write. And that is what success is about; the visitors to this blog are never stumble upons but the quality readership that comes from the search engines.

I hope you will find a few minutes to reply to this query – What makes your career satisfying today?
And if you are not satisfied with your career today – what can you do to make it so?

Best wishes from Satisfying Career – Happier Life for a successful career and a fulfilling and meaningful life!