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The 7 Bad Habits of Ineffective Job Seekers
What are the bad habits of online job search? With a nod to Dr. Covey, I think there are seven. I call them The 7 Bad Habits of Ineffective Job Seekers. They are:

  • Habit #1: Limiting the time and effort you invest in your job search
  • Habit #2: Limiting the research you do to plan your search campaign
  • Habit #3: Limiting your search to a handful of the same job boards
  • Habit #4: Limiting your application to clicking on the Submit button
  • Habit #5: Limiting your use of the Internet to reading job postings
  • Habit #6: Limiting the care you take with your communications
  • Habit #7: Limiting the preparation you do for employer interactions

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The Internet and Your Job Search
Using the Internet in your job search is not necessarily easy. It crosses a variety of services and information retargets. No single list, network, or retarget will contain everything you need for a fully effective online job search.

What Makes Up The Complete Job Search?
Many people believe they are hard at work looking for work when they religiously scan the Sunday Classifieds. Unfortunately, what they are really doing is expending 100% of their effort on only 25% of the possibilities.

A Real Job Search has 4 Main Activities:

  • Reviewing job leads
  • Researching and contacting employers about possible opportunities
  • Networking
  • Having a resume ready to hand out as opportunities present themselves.

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And now some facts: the numbers and statistics grab our attention much quicker than words and words of wisdom at times, right?

Weddle’s Research Factoid
We recently asked the visitors to the WEDDLE’s Web-site to tell us how they found their last job. A total of 708 people participated in our survey. Here’s what they told us were the top ten targets of hire:

  • 31.2% Answered an ad on a job board
  • 10.6% Sent their resume to the company
  • 9.3% Answered an ad in the newspaper
  • 8.5% Responded to a tip from a friend
  • 6.8% Were referred by an employee of the company
  • 6.6% Received a call from a headhunter
  • 5.1% Answered an ad posted on the company’s Web-site
  • 4.9% Attended a career fair
  • 4.8% Used networking at a business event
  • 2.7% Received a call from a staffing firm
  • 2.7% Responded to a tip from a family member

In addition just 0.04%—four-tenths of one percent—found a job by using a social networking site.

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