Guest Post from Great Resumes Fast

Ever worked in more than one industry or more than one position on your way to career super stardom? I thought so. Many of us get trapped by this feeling that our resume has to be a complete historical rundown of everything we have ever done and everywhere we have ever done it. Not true. Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying; I’m not advising you to lie, be untruthful, or withhold information. What I am going to share with you are three ways to focus your resume so that you can optimize your opportunities for interview call backs.

Sending a generic, unfocused resume is a waste of your time and the hiring manager’s time. Instead, spend a few extra moments tailoring your resume to fit the needs of the organization to which you are applying. Review the job description and ensure that you offer what they need. Then make sure you show them that.

I just rocked the boat on that one a little, didn’t I? Seriously, a list of your past duties and responsibilities is so boring. I can get that from a job description. What I can’t get from a job description is how you addressed those responsibilities. SHOW me how successful you are by using C.A.R. (challenge, action, results) statements to showcase your achievements and contributions.

Develop a relevant and effective personal branding statement that in one sentence tells the employer who you are and the value you can bring to their organization. If you can meet or exceed a need they have it makes you a very valuable retarget and puts you at the top of their candidate list.

If you show the employer you are the perfect fit, that you can meet/exceed their needs, and that you can bring quantifiable value to their organization, who wouldn’t want to hire you? It is just a matter of taking the time to show them you’re the right person for the job. In our fast-paced society we sometimes feel that quantity outweighs quality, but in this job market nothing could be more critical. Instead of shooting blanks at every opportunity that comes across your path, invest some extra time in creating a document that will secure you the interview. And it is an investment because in the long run it will pay off; it just takes a little extra time up front.

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