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If your career is not bringing you the joy and satisfaction that you deserve, you could be feeling lost and confused about what to do next.

Your career is designed to fulfill several purposes. Firstly, your job should bring you an income with which you can take care of yourself and your family. Secondly, your career should inspire you and give you feelings of satisfaction. The lack of inspiration in your career can lead to physical and emotional exhaustion.

If you are tired of feeling listless and bored about your career, it’s probably time for a change. Discussing your options with a counselor or life coach from I Am Becoming can help you to find focus in your career. Let’s take a look at a few steps to take if you are feeling lost in your career.

Find Your Joy

Too often, people are drawn to careers out of happenstance or because there is a potential to make a higher than average income. This is fine for some people, but having an unfulfilling career will wear on you emotionally and spiritually over time. If you are feeling lost in your career, you need to go back to the basics and find the things that bring you joy. Your journey towards a career that brings you joy will require a lot of self-reflection and discovery. Keep things like potential income out of the equation until you can focus on what type of work will bring you the most satisfaction.

Review Your Career

Taking a closer look at your current career trajectory can help you identify where things went wrong. You may have enjoyed a position that you had earlier on in your career and that work has now gotten lost in more responsibility. You may have taken a career upgrade or promotion because it made sense financially but caused you to lose the basics of your job satisfaction. Identifying the times in your career when you were really enjoying the work can help you move back in that direction.

Transferable Skills

You may currently work in an office cubicle but dream of building your own furniture. This type of huge swing in your career can be intimidating and overwhelming. Keep in mind that you likely have transferable skills that can help you make a move to a different career than what you are used to. People skills can be transferred to any industry; writing skills can be used in many different ways, including marketing and education.

Consider Your Lifestyle

If you are a slave to your job and spend the larger part of your day commuting to, working at, and coming home from your current job, you may be interested in making a change to that lifestyle. The switch to working from home during the pandemic of 2020 has made millions of people take a closer look at what they want out of their careers and how to balance their work and home life. Take a close look at what you want out of your lifestyle and try to find a career that will work the best for you.

If you are making great money in your current career but find no joy and fulfillment in what you are doing, you are probably wasting your time and efforts. If you are feeling lost in your career, consider these tips to help you find a job that will bring you inspiration.