Is my work satisfying?
How do you feel getting up in the morning and getting ready for work? Are you excited to be at a place which sparks the creative you, a feeling that you could make a difference today?
Do you feel happy to be working where you are or where your career is headed?
If yes, you are in a great career and job. Give it your best and the best shall come to you. Be positively productive at work and be a team player – two essential ingredients to a successful profession.
If not, pause now and think what cold possibly make you happier at work or give you that enthused feeling to get up everyday and contribute your best to the world – everyday.

Is my family/personal life better because of my career or is it suffering because of excessive/stressful time at work?
Whatever one says that achieving a work-life balance is not possible in the 21st century, there it not much fulfillment at work if your family life suffers or you each evening you get home with a guilt feeling of not being there for your kids for most of the week.
If you feel something is missing and this career is not helping you enjoy your life at the fullest – pause – think and evaluate – there is always a way. Yes compromises and trade-offs would be there but evaluate your priorities first.
What truly makes you content and happier, and how you can contribute to your family’s happiness and satisfaction?

How are my Skills today and what am I doing to develop new ones everyday?
Have you recently taken a new course or class that hones your present skills or made an effort to acquire a new one? Have you enrolled at your company’s regular certification courses or plan on enrolling one for this year?
If the answer is in negative – it is time to pay heed to this essential career development step. Technology develops fast and old skills are getting older faster than ever before. Be proactive towards your career – evaluate how you see yourself rising to a higher position than you are today or just be ready to learn something new this year.

Am I spending time to take care of my health?
Is the stress at work taking a toll on you? Are you finding no time to walk outside and breathe the fresh air or just relax when your body feels like? Or just you have not time left after a days work to take care of how healthy your eating habits are or finding any time for the gym?
If the answer is no, then it is time to pause and scrutinize your routine.
How much significant is your work if you suffer a major ailment down the road just because of neglect towards your health?

Does my work make someone else’s life better somewhere?
Don’t just work for the sake of being there 9 to 5 or more or just for the money. Of course, if need be this is what you have to do, but pause for a minute take time to evaluate the bigger picture. Is your work making someone’s life better somewhere? Are you helping the society in some way? Does the bigger picture make sense when you fit the pieces together?
If yes, feel proud and happy that your work is valuable today and would matter to the world even if only a small part of it – but it matters.
If not – pause and think – could you do something either in your present work or something beyond that would make a difference to someone or to the world? If you can, you’ll be even prouder of yourself and everyday getting up for work would have an energizer effect on you, because you as a single soul can make a big difference somewhere – all you need to do is to find out how?