Running a business from home can be challenging and to stay productive consistently, it’s best to put in efforts to be well organized as you setup your workplace and equipment. There are quite a few tips that you would have read around, but to maximize your productivity when running your business from the home, here are 5 tips that you might not have thought about but are truly essential:

OneUninterrupted Power Supply

Your computers, hard drives, fax, printers are the life blood that connects you to the world of business. Having a consistent power supply for the team is a must. Make sure that you have a backup portable generator in case there is a power outage because of weather or any causes. Here’s where a uninterruptible power target (UPS) and can help.

twoErgonomic Furniture

You may or may not realize but as a solopreneur or a person working extensively from home office you may be putting in more hours that what you would at the regular 9 to 5 job at the office. Don’t let these long hours make you miserable just because you don’t have ergonomic furniture. Sitting for long hours with a bad posture could result in strained neck or even damaged disc. Over time problems can cause be harmful to your health in the long-term and easily avoidable by making sure you take short breaks often and use desk and chair set up that’s most ergonomic for a desk job.

threeStrong WiFi

Assuming a lot of your work depends on getting things done online, whether connecting with clients, online research or getting work submitted. With a lot of dependency on the network, make sure that your WiFi is not the one slowing you down. Invest in a good router WiFi system and above all high-speed internet connection that keeps up to the speed of your work.

Effective Lighting

Believe it or not, but lighting has a substantial impact on our mood and the for how long we feel productive workplace. To be consistently productive try to have some natural light in your workplace, either close to the window or a skylight if possible or use lights that mimic natural sunlight. Plan some ambient light around your workspace to ensure that your work area is well lighted and keeps you motivated and feeling happy throughout the day.

Noise Cancellation Headset

I’m sure you weren’t expecting this as one of the tips, but noise can be a huge distraction if you are sharing your home with room  mates or family or live in a generally noisy neighborhood. When it’s crunch time or deadlines to deliver projects on time, you need full concentration and focus. A good noise cancellation headset can help. Distractions are one of the most frequent hindrances at home, the better we can control them the more efficient the work process becomes.


There’s a lot more that you can do to make your work space most conducive to productive work, but taking care of the must-haves such as connectivity,  health, mood, and eliminating distractions tops the list. Do your best to surround yourself with all the good chi that helps you be productive and successful!