entrepreneur-employeeSome of the desirable qualities seen in the 21st century job descriptions and requirements are:

  • Self-driven, self starter, works with minimum supervision
  • Innovative, a thinker and a maker
  • A quick learner and a problem solver
  • Excellent communications skills

Looking at the above requirements, an entrepreneur would certainly nod his/her head – “easy peasy!” This is what we do everyday and comes naturally in the high stress, driven environment of a start-up.

The following 5 points would certainly strengthen the case why one time entrepreneurs can prove to be valuable to the workforce, if or when they decide to get back in the bandwagon.


Self Driven

One of the top five personality traits that employers hire most for is self-monitoring (58%) personality type (quoting Forbes).
We all like team workers who can come up with solutions, ideas or hacks on their own and share with others. As an entrepreneur this comes as a second nature to us. Everyday a new problem has to be tackled and some of the old ones still linger on.
There might be no one to ask around since our team members already have a lot on their plate. To find a solution, to generate new leads, or a campaign an entrepreneur is on his/her own.
Self driven and self monitoring skills come naturally to an entrepreneur. You are the judge of your work and your own QA person. Goals have to be carefully planned and tasks charted to ensure movement and growth in any venture.
As an employee such skills can be highly regarded and valuable since it saves time on a project turnaround. And the manager can save time on employee monitoring and focus on higher level issues.


Quick Learner and Problem Solver


Technology moves fast. We want results faster and competition is tough.

New hires need to get up to speed fast to start contributing as soon as possible. For an entrepreneur this is second nature. It does not matter whether he/she was a success at a previous venture but they would have given it a fair hard try.
Entrepreneurs usually are result driven and fast action is what is required in the tight budget an retarget environment of a start-up or when working solo.


Able Communicator


Many problems or errors at work are the result of inefficient communication or unexpressed expectations. Communications skills rank high on the requirements when looking for a smart employee.
With the numerous networking events and presentations an entrepreneur has been through during the struggling or the success years, communication at workplace would be a piece of cake. You can also expect such an employee to be comfortable interacting with your customers or clients.
A feather in the cap most entrepreneurs have and a quality that can make this employee a valuable asset to the company.


Passionate Learner


There is no growth without learning. Learning new technology, apps or marketing tricks is a requirement to a successful project or for the success of any company.
An entrepreneur can prove to be an indispensable employee if he/she exhibit the passion, and sure they do. Having been through the various trial and error at their ventures, they are naturally inquisitive, ask questions and do a lot of research.
A self driven passionate learner adds value to the team and enriches those around.


Leader and Innovator


Innovation is a hot buzzword in today’s workplace and biz environment. You don’t go much further by just doing what you are doing. Innovation, creative thinking are a must to thrive and get ahead of the tough competition.

Many large companies, if not all, have dedicated R&D centers working on what new innovative technology wold be tomorrow’s breakthroughs.
Having a few previous entrepreneurs in your team can lead your company to success.
An entrepreneur today thrives on initiative and innovation. Without initiative there would be no leadership and without innovation there’s not much reason for your product or service to be out there. Add to it a smart execution strategy, marketing and sales and you you’re on your way to launch a venture.
Been there, done that… this is what entrepreneurs do daily. And this, according to me, is the most important reason why you should hire an entrepreneur in your team. A person who has an understanding of the bigger picture and can help strategize product success is a huge asset to any company.


Dan Schwabel says on this topic:

Working closely as a team and inspiring them to contribute their ideas will keep your company fresh, exciting and most of all a great place to work.


What do you say?
Have you hired an entrepreneur in your team? Share your thoughts in comments below.