The average person who changes career is 39 years old which indicates that many midlife workers feel stagnant in their industry.

There are various signs you need a career change from losing interest in your hobbies to constantly feeling exhausted. Perhaps you’re not sure whether it’s a temporary feeling or a signal that you must find a new path.

Sounds familiar? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five signs you’re ready for a midlife career change.

1. You’re No Longer Learning

You should start looking for a new job when you’ve stopped learning. If you’re no longer gaining new skills then you’ll feel disengaged and perform poorly at work.

This means you must either quit your job or pursue an exciting qualification so you’re interested again.

2. You Always Feel Exhausted

A sign you need a career change at 40 is if you’re constantly exhausted. Consider how you feel after the workweek and if you’re emotionally, physically, and mentally drained then you’re burned out.

Alleviate this by taking time off, being around loved ones, and even talking to a therapist. But if you’re still feeling burned out, consider quitting your job.

3. You’ve Lost Interest in Your Hobbies

When you’re uninterested in your career, you spend valuable energy making it through your workday. As a result, you find it harder to socialize or enjoy things you usually love.

If you’re no longer interested in your passion or hobbies then consider transitioning careers.

4. You Always Complain About Your Job

Do you speak positively about your job? Or are you always nitpicking and finding things to complain about?

Many roles are demanding and it’s healthy to discuss these challenges with others. But if you can’t find a positive aspect of the job, then it’s time to change careers.

5. You Have Poor Performance Reviews

Falling short of your manager’s expectations for an extended period could signal something more serious than laziness. If you’ve already got the skills, then the poor performance is likely because you’re uninterested so you don’t put in the hours.

Not sure how to change careers?

Start by assessing your interests, values, and skillset so can find an industry that aligns with them. Discuss these with friends and family as they may suggest a career you’ve never considered.

You should also check job listings so you can see which roles stand out. This will give you a better idea of the roles that intrigue you so you can apply.

These Are the Signs of a Midlife Career Change

Hopefully, after reading this article, you can spot the signs of a midlife career change and take action.

The main signs that you need a career change are if you’re no longer learning, always feeling exhausted, and performing poorly at work. If this happens for an extended period, figure out your values and skills so you can find a role that aligns with you. Good luck!

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