If you are unhappy with your current career and are searching for a new opportunity, it’s important to understand which skills you will need in order to take advantage of any new employment opportunities you find.
One way that you are able to be flexible in your pursuit of a new position is by identifying the skills employers are most often looking for. Easier said than done, right?

Well, after analyzing more than 1.8 million online job postings from the past three months we discovered the top five transferable skills that employers are looking for in job candidates overall.

Often called transferable skills, developing these skills is important because they can be applied to almost any career position you may be looking to pursue.


These skill clusters represent the most commonly desired skills in job postings for high school, post-secondary or bachelor’s degree graduates listed online from Burning Glass, a company that analyzes job ads from over 20,000 online targets.

Developing these skills will enable you to be more flexible, capable and prepared to find success within a variety of different positions that may positively change their business career outlook.

The job seekers that develop their transferable skills will be able to step into a wider range of positions and have the confidence to perform them well. Take some time to consider how you can further improve these skills as you continue working towards identifying any new career opportunities.

Why Are Transferable Skills Important?

Employers desire these types of employees because combining an employee’s transferable skills with on-site training means that the learning curve for that employee could be much smaller.

For anyone interested in landing their dream job, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes time and dedication to develop the knowledge and skills you need to succeed within your desired field. But until that day comes, you should be brainstorming the different ways that you can further develop and master skills in these areas in order to keep your options open and talents top-notch.

Remember what Politician Bob Brown once said, “Behind every successful person there’s a lot of unsuccessful years.” 

My advice is this: Keep your eyes on the prize, continue to refine your career skills and keep believing in yourself. One day you will be able to look back at your career progression and smile.

Here are the common transferable skills and capabilities we must be aware of:


Image Source: Analysis of Job Postings Skill Clusters, BurningGlass.com