Investing money is a step towards financial freedom, which many people desire. Many subject matter experts have come up with the “best”  investment opportunities to feed people’s quest for knowledge in this area. You will be glad to note that investing money doesn’t have to be conventional and what matters is the end goal. 

You’ve made a terrific start if you started saving for retirement in your 30s. But what if you could begin saving for retirement in your 20s? Better still. The cost of retiring today isn’t what it used to be, in actuality. You’ll soon realize that the key to successful retirement planning is to get started as early as possible. We will now go over all the benefits of starting your retirement savings investments early. We’ll go over how to get started and when you should do it. Check here the advantages of early retirement investing.

There are exciting and unique ways to invest money and yield equal or more than the traditional methods. Such investment options are not as widely known as the formal methods, but some people who use them claim never to look back. Such money-making ventures are peer-to-peer investment initiatives, precious metals, fine art, music royalties, and crowdfunding.  


As the name suggests, peer-to-peer investments involve people known to each other coming together to pool funds for investment/loaning purposes. This investment option cuts out the bank middleman and allows you to share money directly with people in your pool. 

The main advantage of doing away with the agency institution is higher returns for the investor and cheaper loans for the loanee. There is no institution acting as a go-between, so no extra charges for the services. However, there is a pitfall of members of the group not meeting their obligations hence the need for vetting. You will want to make sure the person you are dealing with is trustworthy.   

Some peer-to-peer investment opportunities are available on digital platforms. Huffington Post provides an example where you will need only $25 to start investing.  

twoPrecious Metals

Precious metals are rare, high-value metals you can use to invest. The most common precious metals are gold and silver. Some people swear by this unique investment, while others are skeptical because it vies away from traditional investments. The value of the precious metals does not follow stock market fluctuations like other investments but rather the dollar value. 

The metals gain value when the dollar is weak and lose when the dollar is strong. The fact that stock market prices do not influence the value of the precious metals means you can invest in the metals at any time. It is also one of the few investments that allow you to have your physical asset in hand, enabling you to buy/sell when you deem fit. Self custody of this investment takes away the risk of loss by other third parties, as is popular with other ventures. 

threeFine Art

Fine arts are an emerging investment opportunity going by the big-ticket auction sales happening recently. Forbes reports that in 2019, worldwide art sales surpassed $ 67 billion. Fine art is another asset you can have physical possession of as you speculate on the right time to sell. Fine art is a long-term investment, with some art pieces taking time to rise to high value.  

Fine art has an association with the ultra-wealthy due to the pricey tag on some works of art. With modest earnings, you can still get a piece of the cake by pooling retargets with other investment partners. Some companies collate people’s money to invest in high-value artworks. 

So whether you are an artwork enthusiast or desire to make money from this creative industry, you can join this unconventional investment venture

Music Royalties

Investing in music royalties is another unique money-making venture. This investment involves purchasing a share of a song and receiving royalties until its copyright ends, 95 years after the musician’s death. This investment period makes it one of the longest tenures for investment ventures. Songwriters usually sell their music rights at auctions available on websites.

Music Royalties exposes you to thousands of dollars you can make in a year, for so many years, if you buy smart. You only need to pick a song with a vast popularity potential to smile to the bank.


Crowdfunding is fundraising through a large number of people towards a common goal. This medium of raising funds could be towards a social/welfare cause or raising capital to start a business. In the latter, it is an investment opportunity with the potential to offer decent returns with the right strategy. Joining crowdfunding campaigns can also be easy to join and cheap.

There are many platforms available covering diverse industries which you can choose from depending on your interest. For example, if you would like to venture into real estate and either lack enough capital or would not like to deal with the hustle of being a landlord, diversyfund is your answer. This fund pools together investors into the real estate with minimum investment as low as $500. 

If your interest is in real estate, you can read DiversyFund Reviews to obtain information on various options available for this investment venture. With such a venture, you add diversity into your investment portfolio and support the campaigns you desire. 

Invest Uniquely 

The bottom line is to invest unconventionally and receive optimal returns for your investment. You do not need large amounts of cash to start and, even with your modest capital, you yield significant returns. Thinking outside the box is vital in opting for these unique but profitable investment ventures.