You can’t judge a person’s power by their appearance alone, however appearance is very telling. People will assess your education level and life status based on your overall appearance. You may be missing opportunities without ever knowing why.

This is a guest post by Peggy Scott. Peggy is the founder and principal of Presence to Perform™.

Dressing with purpose to have greater wealth, an impressive and engaging presence and successful outcomes is by design. Just as you put careful thought and planning into crafting, designing and presenting your resume or business collateral, you need to consider equal thought and planning with your image. The good news is you have some control with the impression you want to make by the choices you make with your appearance. Your presence needs to be in alignment with your competence, and in alignment with your mission and purpose for your career and your life commitments.

Within 60 seconds a person has made over 200 impressions of you. The majority of the impact we make when first meeting someone is through our appearance. Studies have shown that 74% of our impact is physical, 18% is the tone of our voice, and 8% is our verbal communication. Over time what people remember is the impact of your appearance, therefore you really need to hit the mark with your image. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

image-statementI recently viewed a television show called “Undercover Boss”. The show’s format features the experiences of senior executives working undercover in their own companies to investigate how their firms really work and to identify how they can be improved. In order to go undercover they need to disguise themselves and blend in with the other employees. They went to great lengths to change their hairstyle, clothing, eye color, as well as adjusting their behavior to fit in as a regular employee. The transformation was amazing, and the way they were treated was also quite different than when the executive showed up dressed as they normally do.

Image matters in how we are perceived. If you want more success than you have to dress as someone who is already on track to success. If you want more wealth than you have to choose quality and pay attention to all the details that have you stand out and attract more wealth. This will also produce a powerful, impressive and engaging presence that attracts the right opportunities for you and your ambitions.

Here are 5 Ways you can use the right image to set the stage to attain greater wealth, have an impressive and engaging presence and increase opportunities for successful outcomes.

More than tips and techniques, these guidelines are there to help you create a powerful presence that is connected to your values, ambitions and life commitments. You may want to consider getting the advise of a coach to help you determine your best and most effective presence.

1. The right image is right for the position

Dress and present yourself for the position you want. Be deliberate in how you craft your image, and keep in mind what you intend to produce.

2. Attitude and confidence matters

The right attitude attracts the right opportunities, the right people and produces successful outcomes. What you wear, how you feel, your walk, speech and body image are reflected in your attitude and confidence level. In a sense this is the law of attraction, you are magnetic. When you show up with confidence and the right attitude people will relate to you better and opportunities become more available.

3. Never sacrifice quality for quantity

Quality apparel makes a powerful statement about your qualities, invest well in what you wear and you will always look great. However, it is not necessarily the amount you spend, but more the right choices that compliment you. You can spend a lot of money and still end up with the wrong styles, colors and designs for you. Get help if you need to.

4. Details matter

Details distinguish you and set you above the ordinary. Details also relay certain information about you. For example, if you have the wrong socks on for the shoes or suit you are wearing, an ill-fitted suit, or worn out clothing, you are relaying your worth and value. The details speak volumes before you ever say a word.

5. Own it!

Successful outcomes and having a powerful and engaging presence result in you being comfortable in your own skin. Your image is your personal brand and signature. Author your looks and make sure your message is compelling and engaging…success will follow.


About the Guest Post Author:

Peggy-SCOTTPeggy Scott is the founder and principal of Presence to Perform™   In 1982 she began delivering her customized programs to businesses, small groups, modeling agencies and the general public, with an emphasis on personal effectiveness. She has an extensive background as a life coach and image consultant.

When working individually with Clients, Peggy emphasizes awareness of their personal and professional goals, values and ethics to create a powerful and winning presence. Defining these goals and values helps people better define an image that suits successful outcomes. Each of Peggy’s programs are inspiring and enlivening. She offers caring and concise guidance to her clients that can be practically applied and empowers the client to rise above the ordinary.

For inquiries about any of Peggy Scott’s services such as one-on-one coaching, seminars and keynotes, please email Peggy at: or phone her at 1-408-621-4948.


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