Very few people honestly love their jobs. The majority of us attend work because it is required in order to maintain a certain level of comfort. However, you should not hate your job. We’re spending more than half of our lives at work – it better be something that makes us happy not miserable!

Here are 6 signs that a new place of employment might be what you need now:

You do not Care about Work

One of the most telling signs that the job may not be right for you is feelings of apathy. This is because the mind is telling the body, “what’s the point? Why should we care about the work we do?” Apathy not only affects your work, but your overall psychological disposition. No one wants to be around a Debbie Downer. This is a sign to watch for that may be indicative of a need for new employment.


Your Efforts Go Unappreciated

Another indication that you may need to find a new job is when your efforts go unappreciated. While it may be foolish to think that every time you do something good, the boss will give you a gold star, a simple, “thank you,” can go a very long way. No one likes to feel like they are being taken advantage of.

Remember, it is important to keep in mind that your boss may be under a lot of stress and is not intentionally ignoring you. I have quit jobs in the past when I felt my efforts were unappreciated, only to find out the boss did not understand that I had a problem to begin with. Before acting rashly, try communicating your displeasure directly to your supervisor and ask for feedback with your efforts and performance.

There is no Chance for Advancement

Elaborating on the previous point, working in a job where there is no chance for advancement can be another sign that the job is not a right fit. Promotions and salary raises indicate good performance, loyalty and tenacity. Without a chance for advancement, why would anyone try their hardest? Efforts should be reciprocated with ample rewards.


You Would Rather be Doing Something Else

Frequently day dreaming about something other than work may also be a sign that the job is not right for you. Do you have a feasible idea that could be accomplished with hard work and some small investments? Maybe consider becoming an entrepreneur. The point is that your mind should be dedicated to your job when you are at work. By doing something that you love to do, you will be rewarding yourself more so than any amount of money could ever equally compensate.


You do not Like Any of your Co-Workers

It is foolish to think that every single person will get along with everyone else and you will likely have some co-workers that you would rather not have to work with. However, it should not be the case that you dislike working with everyone at your job. This is a strong indication that you may not fit the psychological profile for the best sort of employee for the job.


You Look for Any Excuse to be Absent

Finally, looking for any reason not to attend work strongly indicates that a change in employer may be the wisest decision. You should not prefer being sick rather than being at work. Furthermore, it is not fair to the employer who has trusted you to fulfill their need for a worker at certain times during the week.

In today’s society, it is important to remember that many people are unemployed and willing to do just about anything for a check. Do not quit your job unless you have something else lined up immediately. This cannot be stressed enough. However, if you are extremely unsatisfied with your current job, it may be wisest to look for new employment for overall psychological well-being.


About the guest author:

Isaac writes for AON Hewitt specialists in Total Rewards and human capital consulting, Isaac enjoys cycling and going to the theatre. Check out my recent article about Android apps for jobseekers!