Work uniforms are required in some industries. Besides being used to identify workers, occupation-specific apparel can also serve to protect employees working in hazardous conditions.   

Apart from protection and identification, the staff in a uniform-only workplace can likewise feel they belong to a community or an organization that provides worthwhile contributions to the society. And, workers no longer need to spend a huge part of their mornings trying to figure out what to wear.  

There are many benefits to wearing a uniform at work, but having one has downsides, too. If you’re an intrinsically fashionable person, you may feel your creativity curtailed by the need to wear your boring uniform.

If you feel boxed in by the office dress code, think of getting out of the rut by thinking out of the box. You don’t have to spend too much cash or time sprucing up your apparel or standing out from the rest. With a few, simple tweaks, you can make your work uniform work for you! 


Embroidery And Decorations 


Your office uniform is likely a mix of monochromatic hues, which can be boring if worn repeatedly and on a daily basis. A homogenous look shouldn’t be the norm in the office. Personalize your work look by adding an embroidery and other types of decorations on your shirt or trousers. Custom embroideries are more advanced these days, and you can submit any type of design to personalize your shirt.  

Most uniforms have embroidered company logos along with an employee’s name. To stand out, consider adding embroideries with different designs. Also, consider switching the location of the sewn company logo and your name. For instance, have the logo embroidered on your sleeve, collar, shirt or trouser pocket, short tail, or back, among other places. You can insert an embroidered design on women’s scrub pants, if allowed by your company. Be creative as there are simply hundreds of options for embroidered logo placements.    

Besides custom embroidered shirts, consider using other types of fabric decoration methods, such as heat transfers, reflective transfers, and patches.  

Funky Accessories   

Individualizing your work uniform can also take in the form of adding an outer wear or any form of accessory. A jacket, blazer, or sweater that matches well with the colors of your uniform can help you stand out. So are belts, scarves, and other types of accessories that can upgrade your look. 

Tired of wearing a belt?  How about wearing stylish suspenders?  Bored with wearing a suit and neck tie?  How about pairing your suit with a bow tie?  Contrary to popular belief, men can have fun with various accessories, too. They can use lapel pins, watches, and socks.

Company dress guidelines typically ask employees to dress casually at work. But, it’s rather rare for companies to prohibit their employees from wearing various or particular types of accessories. Take this to your advantage and show how you can rock that uniform without going overboard.   

Custom And Classy Jewelry

Men and women can tap unique looking jewelry to spruce up their workplace outfits. Chunky bracelets, chandelier earrings, and cocktail rings can liven up your otherwise boring uniform.    

A brooch can also spice up your office clothing, whether you’re a man or a woman. Yes, these ornaments, which reflected one’s status of wealth centuries past, are widely accessible (and affordable) these days. Brooches can be worn anywhere—on your clothing’s collar, jacket, sweater, lapel, on your waistline, jeans, and on every place imaginable. You can even attach one on your necklace and use it as a pendant.   

If you’re not into flashy accessories, opt for a subdued look with minimalist sets of earrings, necklace, ring, and bracelet. Donning these with your work apparel would make you look more classy and ready for a night out, or, maybe, even a date.      

Fashionable Bags

Your work attire can also be spiced up using a fashionable bag. Whether you choose to wear a sling bag, belt bag, or backpack, make sure it goes well with your work clothing. Mix style with function. If you want to take it further, wear a bag with your name on it.  

Like the rest of your workwear, your bag should reflect your personality and jibe with your overall fashion vibe. 

Hats And Sunglasses 

Summer is just around the corner. Seek protection by wearing your sunnies or hats that match your office attire.  Nail your look by choosing the best eyeglasses for the shape of your face. Wear these accessories with ease, whether you’re wearing a suit or a shirt. Having them on makes your office apparel pop, especially when outdoors. 

When you’re planning to highlight your sunglasses or hat, however, choose not to wear chunky jewelry to create a balanced look.   

A Unique Pair Of Shoes 

A pair of stylish kicks can also help personalize your work outfit. Office uniforms are typically worn with brown or black shoes, but don’t let this limit you. Stay above the rest by choosing footwear that’s extraordinary, but not too flamboyant. You still need to look respectable even when you’re trying to personalize your work uniform.   

For women, they can pair their work attire with a wide range of comfortable shoes. Strappy heels, boots, kitten heel mules, and chucky sneakers are hitting the streets and runway these days. As long as you’re comfortable wearing them for work, go for it.      

Standout Hair 

Changing the color of your tresses is also a good way to highlight your individuality even while wearing your occupation-specific apparel. Break free from the good, old brown and black hair colors. How about having ashen or gray, or blonde hair? 

Just make sure you don’t opt for a hair color that would shock your customers. Take heed of this advice especially if you work in a government agency, where employees should be the epitome of professionalism. 

If you’re not ready to dye your locks, take a trip to the salon and get the latest cut. You’ll be surprised with the number of awesome styles you can choose from.   


Bottom Line 

Injecting personal style into your work uniform can be done in so many ways. By making some changes in the uniform itself, or by adding a few accessories, you can make your standard apparel look more exciting and less drab.