Overtimes and burnouts are becoming the norm in the tech industry. But there are ways to do more efficiently. It pays to be productive at work, to get more done in the best way possible.

Here are 9 effective tips to help increase your productivity at work:

1. Take short break of 10-15 minutes.
Sustainable work gets you going in the long run. And, you won’t sustain the long haul if you do not plan on taking short breaks that revive you and help prevent burnout.

2. Schedule and prioritize your to-do list.
A to-list helps to define your priorities. keep your schedule well defined so you know what to do next. That’s practically what productivity means.

3. Avoid multi-tasking.
Multi-tasking should be avoided when there are some urgent deadlines on the horizon. Focus increases productivity.

4. Stay hydrated.
Water! It helps the body in every possible way. Stay hydrated and eat good food to be more productive.

5. Proper rest and sleep.
Rest and sleep must not be underestimated. The more you torture the body, the mode your productivity is hurt in the short and the long-run. Proper sleep regenerates the mind and keeps us going at a better pace.

6. Exercise.
The more you use it, the stronger it gets. Applies for the body and the mind. Exercise!

7. Change your environment.
Change brings a different aspect to our thinking and well-being. Change your environment if it helps your productivity.

8. Keep workspace productive.
You might be a messy worker or a very organized one, spend a few hours once a week to ensure that you have what you need to keep your workspace productive.

9. Eliminate distractions.
Distractions are a huge part of lives these days. From the regular pings on our cellphones to colleagues dropping in to chat or get their questions answered. Block time and devices to concentrate on work at hand.


This infographic from Casemore & Co says it all: