There is nothing like the feeling you get when you walk across that stage. Four years of long hours, brain splitting exams, and many tears remedied by comfort fast food. Or simply blackout drunken parties.

Whichever the case, college will be an experience you will always remember. Once you get your degree, you have bigger plans. Maybe graduate school, or even straight into a career. Either way, you’ll be way ahead of the rest.

Now, its been several years and you’re applying for a new job. You need to show your diploma but you don’t know where it is. You’ve come to the conclusion that it’s lost.

If this is you, don’t fret; here is a guide to obtaining a replacement diploma.

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If You Remember Your School’s Contacts

You may have missed the opportunity to obtain digital diplomas but losing a degree is quite common, and obtaining replacement diplomas can come in a number of ways.

If you still have the contact information of your school, then this process becomes far easier.

Contact your school, express to them your situation, and let them know you would like to obtain a replacement degree. From here, the school or university will then try to prove your identity (whether through your school ID or social security numbers)

If you are unsure of who to talk to specifically, try calling the main office of your school if it is a high school diploma, or the registrar’s office if it is for a college or university.

If You Do Not Remember

If you are unable to remember your school’s contacts, it should be as easy as a quick google search to get a hold of that information. However, if your school has closed or you are unable to find their contact information this may complicate matters a bit.

In the case of a high school diploma, contact the office of the district administration of whatever district the school was a part of. If this no longer exists as well, you can contact your state’s department of education.

From there you will give them all the necessary details to identify you and your graduation year.

It is exceptionally rare for larger universities to close, but if you attended a smaller school then this can happen. In this case, you follow the same step in contacting the department of education for the state your college was located.

If You Can’t Get One

If your school does not allow for duplicates, you have the option of ordering a “fake diploma” from one of the many online diploma-making shops. Just search your school, college or university and the year you graduated, and they just might have it in their database.

This may cost a bit more, but it could alleviate the possible grief that you might incur with contacting your school.

Receiving a Replacement Diploma

Things happen sometimes. Stuff gets lost, and your diploma is no exception. If you cant find your diploma, don’t get angry about it, just order a replacement diploma. It saves time, and you’ll be able to show your prospective employer that your resume is legit.

So go get that diploma, and kill that interview!