Would a Quick Response (QR) code get you a quick response on your resume? Maybe or maybe not but it’s a wise move to catch on the new trends and with some solid reasons that I list here, I hope you’ll agree.

Some might resent the idea that it kind of makes my resume look too “techy”, ugly or impersonal – but hold on, answer this question first. Are you preparing a 1 minute elevator pitch during jobsearch or networking – if yes, then this could be a cool new way to get on someone’s radar in a minute or less?

Since it is new to many, it also generates curiosity or a second glance to find out where your QR code leads to. It is a way to display your creativity – and don’t we all want to see something different – hey, that’s exactly the definition of unique.

Tip for an effective resume: Make your resume unique – be creative. Can you grab someone’s attention in less than a minute? Now can you do the same for your resume? Give it a thought, this time is well spent than just pushing your resume to hundreds of job sites.

Now what will the QR code display – it could be a link to your online resume/portfolio or your favorite search links about you / your accomplishments as one sees through Google search and read on to find out that the possibilities could be endless.

Basics first: You can read about QR codes on Wikipedia which really is good to know.

Now here’s something you need to know before you insert a QR code on your resume:


  • Create an online portfolio or online resume.
    Now if you can get your resume close to as impressive as these ones, you’d better put it online. You may have your own domain name or just add it to the available website services for online CVs and resumes like www.visualcv.com. You can generate the QR code easily by following either of these steps:

– Go to http://goo.gl/, shorten your URL, click on the “details” link on right hand side and the next window displays your QR code. Save image and use where required.
– Go to a QR code generator website  kaywa.com

Tip:  Add a short description of where the code will take the reader once scanned. For example, just below your QR code image write: Scan to see my online portfolio.


  • You have a choice of displaying your top 5 Google search results (selected by you) on your QR code. Here’s how: Use Vizibility. When your Vizibility QR Code is scanned, the person scanning it will immediately see your Top 5 Favorite results (if you have selected them) on a mobile-friendly app right on their device. They also have the option of viewing all of your results right in Google, and any optional information you may have shared. Get Vizibility and your QR code from their website.


  • Get Creative! And just when you thought that the QR codes link up to resume web links, about me page and online searches; there are many creative people using QR as creatively as possible. Have a look at this one: Interactive Resume with QR Code

QR CODE – Content-rich Resume from Victor petit on Vimeo.

  • How to read the QR code?
    Mobile phone must have a reader application installed to read these QR codes.
    – Also Google Goggles is an application which the recruiters or the hiring managers can use to view your resume.
    – iTunes has a free QR reader app for the iPhone, download through iTunes.
    Note: Always test your generated QR code by taking a picture from your mobile phone and using any reader to view the QR code result before sending it out to the world.


Where to add the QR code on the resume?

Good idea to add it next to your name/address details right at the top right corner. Get the attention right up-top and that’s the main reason, with the attention span of a few seconds don’t push it anywhere down bottom.


QR codes are Green

Why print out numerous copies of your resume on paper when you can send this info to your network at a meeting via the QR code? Go green print less, circulate less on paper but just hope that the recruiter you just shook hands with has a smart phone or a handheld device with a QR code reader installed on it!


Customize your QR codes

And if you thought QR codes were that black and white strange or ugly looking square codes which probably do not fit my love of color and non-geekness, then think again here’s how you can make them cool with colors and graphics. If there’s a solution there’s a better solution right round the corner. So now probably there’s no reason not to have the QR code on your resume. What do you say?


The Future of QR Codes

As of now there are no reports that show that adding QR codes to your resume can ensure your resume getting a second glance or any chances of getting the job because you did so; it’s just another way in our attention-deficient, hi-tech-gadgets-happy, advertising-adoring world to show that we’re as cool as you are!

Hamilton Chan in an article on Mashable says: The popularity of QR codes will continue to gain momentum. Moving forward, the catalyst for their success will ultimately lie in the creative ways they are implemented.

And of course the possibilities on creativity are endless – go on a step further by adding it to your t-shirt – your on the go advertising to a faster hiring. And while you are at it, just add the most relevant QR code to your business card, to your website or your car’s bumper sticker.. oh, the versatility of the QR code… I just hope I don’t see you on a tattoo! (did I just give someone an idea!!!)

Any takers on testing how that works out? Well, till then let’s stick to adding it to our resume. What do you say?