online-coursesOne of the best ways to help your CV stand out from all the rest is by adding as many skills to it as you can. If you are looking to improve your skillset and knowledge base to impress potential employers, one of the best places to turn to is the Internet. Here is exactly how you can use the Internet to improve all your skills.


Learn A Language Online


Almost every employer is looking for a second language on your CV. If they trade in an international market, bilingual employees are extremely useful. Even if they don’t currently trade with international clients, they might do once you bring your extra language to the company. So how can you learn a new language? There are many online courses that you can enroll in. And apps such as Duolingo make it easy to learn while you’re out and about. If you can get some work experience in a foreign country, your CV will shine even more.


Get Extra Qualifications


There are loads of qualifications that you can now get online. Simply sign up for an online course, and you can start studying straight away. You can study loads of different skills online. And can end up with impressive qualifications such as a Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership. The great thing about studying online is that you can do it alongside your current job. So you can earn while studying.


IT Skills


Some of the obvious skills that you can practice on your computer and online are IT skills. As more and more work is carried out online, employers look to hire applicants who have strong computer skill sets. And that means you will need to know all about creating various documents, using different types of software and programs. If you can show that you are a whizz with a computer, you will be extremely employable to a number of employers.


Social Media


Another important skill that many companies look for when hiring new staff is social media skills. More and more businesses are turning to social media marketing to appeal to a wider audience. If you have a proven track record of excellent social media work, you will be highly appealing to companies. Even if it is just with your personal accounts. So next time you’re on Twitter or Instagram, think about ways you can increase your follower base. It might help you land your dream job!




There are now loads of different online programs that people are using to edit photos and design graphics for their blogs and websites. All these designing skills should be mentioned on your CV if relevant to the job you’re applying for. If you can build up a portfolio of excellent examples of design work, you could easily bag a job in a top design agency.
So rather than spend your free time sitting in front of the TV all day, brush up on some of these skills. You never know which fantastic job opportunity you’ll get as a result!