In the current economic climate, people are always fighting for job roles. When jobs are scarce, you need to ensure that you can hold onto your role no matter what happens. indispensableBecoming lazy or complacent in a role won’t cut it. Right now, bosses have the luxury of choosing their staff from a huge pool of talent. That means that if you are not up to the job, your boss can find somebody who is. So that you can have the job security that you need, you should make yourself indispensable. Here are some easy ways you can do just that.


Make your boss’ job easier


Remember, your boss is a person too. Your boss is not just the person who gives you orders and structures your work day. He or she also has a vital role to fulfill within the company. You should remember that your boss likely has loads on his or her plate. If there is any way in which you can make your boss’ job easier, you should do so. Offer to take on extra work or help with new systems in the office. If you help to reduce your boss’ stress levels, there is no way he or she will ever want to get rid of you. Ask your boss if there is any way in which you can help him or her.


Specialize in one area


When you work in an office, you should be able to adapt to any situation. That means that you should have all the skills you need to fulfill various roles in the office. Despite that fact, you should make it your goal to specialize in one area. Choose an area that you know better than anyone else and seek to master the field. If you are the only person in the office who knows that area in-depth, your boss will want to keep you around so that you can teach others. Make sure that the area in which you choose to specialize is integral to the business so that your boss will always need you.


Use every minute of the working day


You should be thinking about work from the moment you get up. You need to make every second of your working day matter so that you can achieve great things. The average commute to work is around half an hour. What do you usually do in that time? You might read a book on the train or listen to music in the car on your way to work. You can make better use of that time. Use your commute time to think about the working day ahead. Plan the tasks you are going to do and ensure you’re ready for work from the moment that you step through the door.


Bring ideas to the table


Are you an ideas person? That is a stupid question. Everybody is an ideas person. People tend to think that there are two types of people in the world; the people who have great ideas and the people who don’t. That is not the case. Everybody has great ideas, but few people have the confidence to share those ideas. When you think of something that could help the business, tell your boss about it. Bosses love people who have ideas and will reward you for your dedication to the job. When there is a meeting, make sure that you have some ideas ready for the group. You need your boss to notice you and remember that you are the ‘ideas person’ of the group.


Stay up to date with new trends


Whatever field you work in, you should make it your business to stay up to date with new trends. When you know about new developments in your field, you can work better in that industry. Subscribe to business magazines or read about the latest industry news online. Give yourself half an hour every week to check out any new developments in the business. That is not a huge amount of time to dedicate to the cause, but being in the know when it comes to the industry will mean you are vital to the company.


Manage a specific area


Make sure that you manage one area of the business by yourself. As you progress within the company, you will get more responsibilities. If you are responsible for one area of the business, you will be indispensable. For example,  if your boss makes you head of outgoing communications, you need to make sure that you dominate that area. Doing so will mean that you will become essential to the day to day running of the business. Without you, the company could not function.


Build a level of trust in your working relations


This point should go without saying, but you need to make sure that your boss can trust you. If times are tough and your boss needs to cut down on staff, he or she will get rid of staff members that seem untrustworthy. If your boss thinks that he or she can’t trust you with things, you could be in the firing line. Show your boss that he or she can trust you. Make sure that you are always on time for work, that you always deliver your projects and that you keep industry secrets. These simple steps will mean that your boss values you as an employee.


Boost people’s confidence


Many people make the mistake of thinking that if the knock other people down, they will gain from doing so. You shouldn’t have to point out how bad people are at their jobs so that you can elevate yourself. If someone is bad at their job, your boss will already know about it. Being a negative person and trying to cause trouble in the office will win you no favors. Instead, take the time to boost other people in the office. Go out of your way to cheer people up and ensure that everybody is happy in the workplace. Bosses want people that help their colleagues, not people who point out their flaws.