“It’s your choice – we get house help or divorce!” Howsoever strange or ridiculous it may sound to some of us; this is an example of a true life – bedroom statement. Well, it is a confronting threatening discussion, but when put subtly and in serious discussion with your spouse, you can save a lot of tension in marriage.

Most of the working mothers are pressurized at work and more at home, an average working mother does 2-4 times more work than her male counterpart. Getting some help in our lives helps to free some time for those precious relationships that we work for.

Don’t think about the extra 100 -200 dollars you would be shelving off every month or two for the house help, think of that as an investment to your time. The invaluable time that gets released to you to spend with your family. To go to the soccer game with your kids and not feel guilty of not cleaning the bathroom this weekend. Or just watching a late night movie with your spouse and not worrying about scrubbing the stains off the counter and cabinets in the kitchen. If some help gets the tension and stress off you, it’s worth it.

Where to start?

  • Talk to you spouse about your needs and how much you can spare per month to get professional house help.
  • Look up yellow pages or local ads for maids and cleaning services.
  • But the one I trust most, ask your friends or neighbors. Nothing better if you can find some regular house help through reference.