When you love what you do, satisfaction and joy trickles down to every aspect of your life. But not all of us get to enjoy what we do or what we want. If career satisfaction is evading you, have you stopped to ponder that why is it so? Is it because of wrong choices, circumstances or not finding time to undergo a through process to career discovery? Well maybe all or one or none of these. But here’s some steps you can undertake to find the perfect niche – the meaningful career or job that makes life worthwhile.

job satisfaction


OneChoose the work that challenges you

When job satisfaction falters, one of the reason is getting bored or finding work that’s not challenging enough. Take the step, challenge yourself to reach your full potential. Knowing your personality type will help you in finding the work that’s most satisfying. Begin by asking yourself a few questions: What are my strengths? What do I naturally do better? Do you enjoy working more in teams or a solo flyer? Or perhaps a mix of both? What are some roles in your current company that you could take on as a challenge?

The more you look around and question the process the more you’ll find the answers to get closer to them.

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twoCreate a blueprint of your career success

When building a new structure, after the prelim investigations and research you must create a blueprint to clearly envision on each and every details that your team can follow to build the structure you envision. Why not do the same for your career? Begin by writing your goals. What is needed for a better career? What do you find most dissatisfying at your work? What am I accepting that I can let go to do more?

Be honest in your evaluation – revisit and strike off and answer again if required – just be totally honest. And while you do so make sure that your expectations and planned actions are in line with the reality. Often, the reason why we fall flat on success is because of unreasonable expectations. Keep them real. A c-suite executive might be miserable in his job and a janitor might be completely satisfied with what he does. It’s not about what you do, but more about how well you have catered to your expectations.

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threeResearch and question

No right answer can come to you if you do not ask the right question. The more we know and ask around the more we’ll be aware of our choices and possibilities. Research is the key to knowing more. Can you answer these: what do you dislike about your work? What would you change if you could? What prevents you from doing this? Which positions do you find ideal in your company – or perhaps others in your industry? Are there particular roles and responsibilities that you would see yourself being part of in a couple of years? What are the industry trends? Am I excited about learning more of the new technology or practices?

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The list goes on. As you see there’s no one answer for all of us, we have to find our own niche. It’s not easy, it’s not in a day or two that enlightenment might strike. But the road to discovering your niche is not that hard if you know how. Awareness, persistence and patience can take you places. Invest time in finding your perfect niche, for you know you’ll always be happier in your life if you do what you love and love what you do.

Keep moving forward.