We all see a list of companies being cited as the best for a working woman / mother? What different criterion puts them on this list?
Of the list below, see if your company has some of these incentives. Of course you will not find all these incentives in one company but the list talks about the policies and work arrangements that favor a working mother or a family as a whole.

Allows employees to take advantage of flextime, compressed weeks, telecommuting and job-sharing.

  • Staffers can flex their hours or telecommute, and only need to work an hour a week to earn health-care benefits
  • Career advancement is supported by a variety of mentoring, leadership training and executive succession programs.
  • Employees can take advantage of the Snowy Day backup-care program when nasty weather keeps their kids out of school
  • Summer leave policy, which allowing employees to take off for 12 (unpaid) weeks
  • Staffers can share jobs, work off-site or reduce their hours while still receiving health benefits, pending a manager’s approval
  • Health and dental costs, with a low co pay of just $5 per office visit.
  • On-site day-care centers look after kids 8 weeks to 6 years old and offer gardening activities, music lessons and field trips to toddlers and preschoolers
  • New moms can have 16 weeks of job-guaranteed leave (up from 12), with eight weeks fully paid (up from six).
  • Staffers can come in late or leave early, telecommute, job-share, work a compressed week or arrange sabbaticals
  • A hair salon and dental services on-site keep working moms looking good
  • Full-time concierge helps busy employees knock some items off their to-do list–from waiting for the cable guy to planning a child’s birthday.
  • On-site services like laundry and dry cleaning and massages.
  • Access to flextime, compressed work schedules and telecommuting, with computers and supplies provided for those who work off-site
  • Subsidized gym memberships, ski trips, yoga classes and an organic cafeteria.
  • Ability to take paid time off during a workday to volunteer at the nonprofit organization of their choice, including their child’s school
  • “flexcareer” policy that allows staffers to take a job-guaranteed personal leave of up to five years while staying connected to the firm through webcasts and subsidized continuing professional education courses.
  • Strong leadership and training programs to help working moms get ahead.

If you were to decide on an ideal company for a working mother, what would your top 5 incentives be? Would you like to comment?
(Source– Working Mother magazine)

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