The pressure is often more than double for a working caregiver, ensuring that you’re keeping the job to have the money  to support your family and then personally making sure that your loved one is taken care of. Taking care of of an ailing child or older parents can take a toll on a working adult. The struggle can truly be felt by only those who experience it.

Here are some tips that might help ease the stress and help you feel in control:

Me First

As a caregiver the first and foremost thing to take care of yourself. It’s what you’ll hear on an airplane before take off, when the masks fall down, first put it on yourself so you can take care of your child next to you. You can’t help others if you are not in a condition to help yourself. Healthy eating and having a positive mindset is extremely important. Having a support system is also very important. Talk to your close friends and family when feeling stressed, you never know when a caring advise can turn things in the positive direction.

Caregiver Services

Though you might want to be the primary caregiver often times it is not possible to do so. Research for local caregiver services that can help your loved one. is one such site where you can research and look for home care or companionship support.

Delegation at Work

Most colleagues are willing to help and support during tough times. Don’t shy away from asking for help at work if you need to be away for few days, since at times it does become unavoidable to be away your child or parent when they truly need you round the clock. Always have a running worksheet on the tasks you are working on. Staying organized on current and upcoming tasks as well as any deadlines and deliverables will help in better delegation. Now take this delegation to home as well. See if any of your extended family members can share some responsibility of taking care of your loved one for few hours during a day when you can spend that time in self-care.

Quit or Stay

There are quite a few women who face this dilemma whether to continue working or take sabbatical to take care of parents or ailing child. There’s no straightforward answer to this question, since it depends on your economical situation and also the level of care your loved one needs. Best to check if flex working is possible or a family leave can take care of the immediate crisis and you can get back to work when things stabilize. Staying on strong financial grounds is a necessity and can cause more stress to the caregiver. Explore all different possibilities before making a decision.