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If you love the outdoors, why not find a career that allows you to get out of the confines of an office and work outside? There are many fun and exciting options available to you! Let’s take look at some of them:


Adventure Guide

Adventure guides organize and lead expeditions for adventurers, sports enthusiasts, resort guests, and tourists. They may lead local hiking tours or travel all over the world leading groups in exciting adventures, such as mountain climbing, mountain trail biking, scuba diving, or bungee jumping. They’re typically experts in one or more outdoor activities.

Adventure guides usually work for tour operators. However, some adventure guides work for resorts, lodges, or campgrounds, and others operate their own small businesses. Often the work is seasonal. Tour leaders usually receive a daily rate and tips from the group. Food and accommodations are usually covered. offers listings of short-term adventure jobs in the United States and around the world.



Ecotour Guide

These guides lead groups on excursions in a variety of environments. Ecotour guides lead, guide, and teach tourists about the historical, natural, and cultural characteristics of a variety of different environments and ecosystems. They are often the folks who lead tourists through wildlife and nature preserves on foot, on bikes, or even in boats. Many of them are interested in ecology, environmentalism, nature, and wildlife. They typically work for tour guide agencies. Sometimes they freelance or work in small independent businesses with a few partners. Ties Job Board is a popular target for Ecotourism jobs.

The Green Careers Guide offers an extensive listing of colleges throughout the world that offer training programs in ecotourism. The International Ecotourism Society, in collaboration with George Washington University, offers an online Certificate in Sustainable Tourism Management. Humbolt State University offers an online Ecotourism Planning & Management Certificate program that is comprised of just three courses.


Forest Ranger

Forest rangers work to prevent fires and help maintain forests. Their main functions are to enforce park rules and regulations. Like tour guides, forest rangers also take visitors on nature walks and give lectures on historic topics. Forest rangers are sometimes involved in rescuing people who are in trouble.

Most forest rangers are very knowledgeable about wildlife and botany. They’re typically employed by the National Park Service or by various state agencies. Forest rangers typically need a bachelor’s degree; however, people with relevant experience may work their way up to become a park ranger.



Outdoor Fitness Trainer

Not all fitness trainers work in gyms. Some outdoor fitness trainers work as “adventure boot camp” instructors. They lead groups in activities such as short distance running, jumping rope, core conditioning, circuit training, hiking, yoga, pilates, fitness kick boxing, sport drills, obstacle courses, and other activities. Some outdoor fitness trainers work at outdoor boot camps held in local parks.

These are just a few of the great careers that outdoor enthusiasts have to choose from.


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