Joining a new job is both exciting and an anxious time. How would my boss be?  What’s it going to be like working in a team of professionals? Am I prepared to take on this responsibility?

The questions may be many but preparation is the key to confidence. Here are some tips that you must go over a few weeks before you join in your new job. Some of these suggestions you might need to implement a few weeks to a few days before joining – so get set and mark off the checklist to success at your new job.


Make your Wardrobe Workplace Ready

If this is your first job then I’m sure you would be apprehensive about how appropriate your wardrobe is. You must do a quick check on the company culture, can be done through their website or even asking someone you know who works there. Try to connect with an employee of this company a week before joining. Search LinkedIn to find out someone you know or someone your connection knows. Request connection or send a request to meet with this person at lunch time at the office to get some quick advice on the work culture at this company. You must inform this person that you are a new hire and his/her help would ease the transition to this new position.

Most often, people would be ready to help you out on this request. Make use of this meeting as an informational interview process to get to know the company culture and also use this time to get a feel on how the employees are dressed up on a normal working day. Are most in casual clothes or in formals? You can also ask this from your connection. Helps to get to know beforehand so you can plan your wardrobe accordingly.


Document Ready

Get your documentation in place. The HR of this company might need some documentation from you before joining like your driving license number or your passport information – most companies will have this information in place before joining but some might not, it’s best to have all important documents ready to take to work on the first day at work. You might well be spending some time at the orientation for new hires meeting this first day and your diligence will show if you have everything in place – ready to hand over when needed.

What’s good is that you are perhaps reading these tips well before joining, so better still – email your boss or HR to know what is required to bring along on the first day at work.


Be on Time

First impressions count and being on time is certainly one of them. Are you driving, carpooling or taking public transport to your office? Evaluate how much time it takes in traffic, better still just try it out on a working day the week before you join your new job.

If carpooling make sure you let your partner know that you would like to reach the office at a certain time or even before that.

If you are taking a public transport, go through their route and time it takes to get to the destination – online or call them for more info. You must ensure that when taking public transport you reach your workplace at least half an hour before you want to – keeping in mind some unexpected delays or/and the time you need to get to the office from the bus/train station.


Good Luck on your new job and do your best at what you do.

Also, here are some quick tips here on the first day at your new job:

  • Observe first before doing. What’s your boss working style? What is the timing he keeps or expects from his team? What is his/her preferred communication style? Keen observation on the very first day will go a long way.
  • Actively seek help from your boss and teammates whenever in doubt.
  • Take notes and clarify any doubts via email or in a direct meeting with your boss.
  • The first few days might be busy at work and getting to know your workplace so be prepared to push yourself a little further and perhaps stay back a until after your boss and team leaves until you get a hang of it all.
 How are you preparing for your first day at work?