Did you know that over 85% of people hate their current job?

While no situation is the same, a lot of people are upset at work because they feel like they don’t have a voice or that they don’t matter. Change starts with yourself and you can be the change. So why not take on the lead to improve workplace communication. By doing so, you can show upper management that you can take initiatives and drive change and even make a strong case that you’re deserving of a promotion. With that promotion, you can start to make some real changes around the office, which gets you started on the path to a leadership role.

How exactly do you improve your workplace communication? What are some tips and tricks that you can use to get everyone talking more?

We’ll break all of that down for you, plus more, in this article. After you’re done reading, you’ll be ready to start helping make a change in your office.

Make Communication a Daily Thing

In order to improve workplace communication and get noticed for doing so, you’re going to need to make communication a daily thing. Picking and choosing your spots isn’t going to be enough to get the job done.

If you’re someone who isn’t naturally a vocal leader, this can be easier said than done. If you push yourself early on, you should be able to turn communication into a habit, which is what you want.

Have an Open Door Policy

In order to become the person in the office that everyone talks to, you’re going to need to create an open-door policy for yourself. Once again, this can be a bit difficult to do, especially if you don’t have your own office.

If you can establish yourself as the go-to person to talk to about issues, you can help improve the overall communication in the office. By doing this, you’ll stand out in a positive way to your bosses.

Remember, Listening Is Important

A lot of people confuse being a leader with being someone who talks a lot. In fact, the opposite is often true; the best leaders are usually the best listeners.

In order to truly understand what is going on in the office, you have to be an excellent listener. This can help you grasp what is going on and then help brainstorm solutions to any potential problems.

Also, both your colleagues and your bosses will take notice of both your patience and your listening skills. This will help you stand out and increase your chances of climbing the ladder and getting any potential promotions that may be available.

Communicate Outside of the Office

In order to make a huge impact in the office from a communication standpoint, you’re going to need to communicate outside of the office as well as inside.

Doing this effectively is as simple as having one-on-one lunch meetings with colleagues who may be struggling at the moment. You can also hang out outside of the office, perhaps in the evenings or on the weekends, to help create a more relaxed environment.

When you’re in the office, don’t be afraid to talk about non-work related things. This is a great way to help create personal relationships with your colleagues and show them that you care about them as human beings.

Focus on Positive Reinforcement

Everybody loves to be complimented. If you become the person that is always pointing out the positives, you’ll quickly become everyone’s favorite person in the office.

Believe it or not, studies show that positive reinforcement is more effective than negative reinforcement. Not only will you be making friends in the office, but you’ll be helping the overall productivity in the office, too.

Let Technology Help You

It’s important to note just how beneficial technology can be in your efforts to improve workplace communication. There are tons of awesome, free-to-use tools out there that can help make talking with all of your colleagues and getting work done that much easier.

For instance, if your office doesn’t have it already, talk to your bosses about getting involved with Slack. Slack is a messaging service and file-sharing program designed for the office.

It’s a must-have for any business that has multiple employees and suggesting it could be something that helps you stand out to your bosses.

Also, if you get the chance to do a presentation at work, be sure you make the most of all of the tools that are available to you. Mastering technology combined with presentation skills training can help you show upper management that you’re ready for a leadership position.

Tips on How to Improve Workplace Communication

Well, there you have it. Those are some tips on how to improve workplace communication. Using these ideas, you can help get everyone in your office talking more and stand out to your bosses in a positive way.

Remember, communication needs to be a daily thing. You have to bring each and every day or people in your office aren’t going to believe that your intentions are sincere.

A huge part of being a leader is being a listener. So while you may feel the urge to talk often, be sure you’re listening to others even more so you can establish a relationship with your colleagues.

Try to point out the good in everyone and let technology help you make the job easier. Doing all of these things should help you get noticed by upper management and improve your chances of getting a promotion, too.

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