Are you getting enough help from your employer to juggle personal and professional priorities? While more than six in 10 senior managers (63 percent) surveyed by OfficeTeam said their company is very supportive of its employees’ efforts to achieve work-life balance, only 34 percent of staff agree. This compares to 45 percent of executives and 53 percent of workers who felt that way in a similar survey conducted 10 years ago.

Employees said flexible work schedules (44 percent) and generous vacation time or sabbaticals (33 percent) are the perks that help them best achieve work-life balance. Flexible schedules (37 percent) and ample vacation days or sabbatical options (42 percent) are also the most common work-life benefits offered at organizations.  

Workers cited access to fitness facilities or programs (27 percent) and wellness incentives, such as offering prizes for weight loss or smoking cessation (26 percent), as the most valuable health and wellness benefits. 

Check out this infographic from OfficeTeam to learn what work-life balance and wellness perks employees value most, and what companies offer.