newskillsYou feel confident with your interview technique. You can answer the questions about strengths and weaknesses with fluid ease. If you’re asked about campaigns, facts and figures from your previous job, you know them all. When you’re asked what you’ll bring to the company, you have your answer ready. But what about when the Interviewee asks you to describe yourself? Do you have extra personal skills that will stand-out on both your CV and in an interview? Could you learn a new skill that may help you get the role of your dreams? Or perhaps you are looking for a new career path and want to try something new before looking for that extra special job. Here are three cool courses or skills that could help you on your way.


1.)  Photography

In an age of the Internet, Facebook and Instagram, brands are now dominating the world through visual images. Photography has become an important part of nearly every business. If you aren’t connected these days, your voice is rarely heard. Companies will appreciate if you have photography skills. You can use this skill across their social media and websites, and help promote their brand. Stand out from the competition and add photography skills to your CV. It may be that the company you are applying to work for will appreciate this valuable marketing skill. Visual images are an effective way to get a brand noticed. Everyone from Ben & Jerry’s to Bulgari and BMW to Balmain, are using photos to market their brand. Enrolling in a Photography Workshop will give you priceless skills you can add to your CV. You can learn everything from Studio and Street photography to Wedding and Landscape photography. There are courses in Fashion, Food and Macro photography and Wildlife, Black and White and Product Courses. A course in photography is a great way to learn tips and techniques that will give you confidence for future employment.


2.)  Floristry

Are you looking to step out of your comfort zone and find a completely new career path? Do you crave a more creative role where you can use your artistic skills? If so, you may want to consider a course in Floristry to add a whole new dimension to your skill set. There are many different paths to choose if you are considering a job in floristry. You may want to work in a florist shop or perhaps become a bespoke florist for weddings. Luxury hotels employ florists to deliver beautiful displays weekly. High-end restaurants and spas do the same. High-profile events always require a florist. And if you want to think really big, celebrities often employ florists too! Before committing to full-on training, take a day or week course in floristry to see if it’s something you will love. You may choose not to take up a full-time role in floristry. But the skills you learn will teach you visual, colour and design techniques that you can utilise in other roles too.


3) Blogging

There has always been a demand and will always be there – for better writing skills. Written communication has influenced civilizations, and changed the course of history. With better writing skills you can rise above any competition and blogging is today’s skills that’s admired by many. If you are passionate about a topic and have the skills to present it well online, go ahead and start a blog. And if you already have a reputed blog, don’t forget to highlight it well on your resume.


Whether you want a job in your chosen course or if you just want to add a new string to your bow, out-of-work courses give you great skills to add to your CV. They prove you are motivated, dedicated and reliable. They give you transferable skills that will work in a new role and add an exciting dimension to any interview questions that may arise. Here are some other career ideas that stand outside the cubicle. Other courses you may want to consider are sewing, foreign languages, sport and drama. Translate these skills onto your resume in a creative way and land the job of your dreams.