Digital marketing has experienced its fair share of development in recent years, and business leaders need to be aware of its trends to achieve growth. Platforms such as Tiktok rose to oust Google as the favorite online destination and to date, brands are yet to recover from the massive digital marketing trends of recent years. 

It’s normal to argue that since you are not a digital marketing expert, learning about the industry trends might cost you precious time that you could have used to support clients. However, your brand cannot afford to ignore digital media because it’s slowly becoming a primary avenue for connecting businesses to their customers. Digital marketing is effective for all businesses regardless of the industry. Here is an analysis of digital marketing trends to adopt this year.

Focus on video content to engage customers and drive revenue

Video content can be useful in assisting a potential client to learn more about a product. It has been a trend to watch since 2020, now more brands are focusing on not only creating engaging video content but also creating video ad strategies. 

The first step to achieving marketing success with videos is knowing your target audience and identifying strategic ways to present your brand image to them. If your audience targeting is right, it makes it easier for them to act upon your call to action because customers will only buy your product when they understand what it does and how it will help them. 

A good tip would be to try to grab the attention of your viewers within the first few minutes of the video. This makes them more likely to watch your video till the end and could end up increasing your chances of making a strong impression, you could use an intro maker for youtube to create one. The intro video templates that they provide makes this process a breeze.

Videos can have a good return on investment because people love videos. If you aren’t creating videos, you are missing the greatest opportunity for customer engagement. Uploading videos on YouTube targeting search terms can be a way to get your business on the first page of google as videos are also great for SEO. 

Interactive and personalized email will become marketing’s most important channel

Customers are constantly looking for interactive content that allows them to actively engage with it. Incorporating interactive content into your email marketing strategy can help you achieve higher email lead generation unlike when you use static content. Interactive emails also help you gather valuable insights into your customer preferences and such insights can help improve retargeting and remarketing strategies in the future.

This year will continue to see the rise of interactive content; and email will remain one of the most important information channels for brands. Priority will be given to personalization, privacy, and automation. 

No to loyalty programs, yes to membership programs

It’s human nature for people to crave a sense of belonging. When the need for belonging goes unmet, people become unhappy and adopt unhealthy behaviors. The need to belong by your customers can influence your enterprise both internally and externally. This is why loyalty programs might be a thing of the past, as brands seek to embrace communities and memberships. 

While you may argue that loyalty points give customers value, they cannot be compelling differentiators on their own. In 2022 brands will focus more on converting loyalty programs into membership programs that will be so compelling that customers cannot resist becoming part of them. The membership model will feature benefits such as free shipping, offline events, or exclusive access to products.  

Artificial intelligence

Digital marketing agencies nyc use artificial intelligence technology to make automated decisions based on data collection, analysis, and additional observation of trends or audiences, that may impact marketing efforts. Artificial intelligence is projected to transform digital marketing by increasing efficiency and optimizing user experience. 

Artificial intelligence will continue to tiptoe into digital marketing carrying benefits without intimidation or overwhelming the business operations. It can lead to better marketing strategies, improved customer outcomes, and saving money and time. AI will be used more in 2022 through data analysis, creating optimized blog posts, incorporating robust grammar and plagiarism checkers, as well as integration of chatbots. 

Privacy and transparency

Customers are aware of how important their privacy is and are now taking steps towards protecting their privacy online. In the coming years, customers will use online services which promise high data protection such as privacy-protecting search engines and encrypted emails. 

In 2022, your brand should focus more on creating a data protection strategy that puts customers first. This may mean rethinking how you reach your customers to give control to customers to manage the data they share. Google will get rid of third-party cookies soon. This means more transparency and honesty in collecting customer information and showing customers only what is valuable to them. 


New and unique digital marketing trends will continue to gain momentum in the coming years. Make sure that you stay alert because these trends have the potential to create a difference in how you reach out to your existing and potential clients.