Yes of course, this is an interview question! And as the web evolves and how we use the social networking sites or some new applications which would be popping up in the future, the interview questions would add more such questions to the list.

If your answer is no, then there is not much to fear (assuming you are speaking the truth) but if the answer is yes or you say “no” to evade the question for now; you could be in trouble (trouble in the sense that you would not get the job offer if they find out you lied or face a later termination if you have a job contract which follows strict privacy, employee decency or non-posting of ‘undesirable’ content online).

Are there ways you can remove your online footprints?

If you really want to remove your previous postings which could be hazardous to a job offer, consider deleting your account first. There are ways of doing so and this article: How to Delete Accounts from Any Website tells you how. Now since most of the follies reported are from the Facebook account you may want to look at this tip from this website: How to permanently delete your facebook account

And of course now you are on Twitter too.. and your short not-so-cool responses might be retweeted and there are now in the tweetsphere. Before you ask: How to delete a tweet.

How to delete your undesirable comments?

Not only postings and videos there are many people who have posted many comments which on retrospective they hope no one will read. But the web is unrelenting; most of the stuff online can be searched and if you want your name not showing under the list of inappropriate content then follow these tips here:

How to Delete Your Own (YouTube) Video Comments

How to Delete Comments on MySpace

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