Being proactive in your present career is one smart move which could bring you exemplary success and satisfaction at work. Documenting your work today shows your diligence towards your career growth.

Are you one of those who await your manager’s call on a report on the current project, or are you someone who thinks about updating the project and personal performance report when asked for? If the answer is yes, then it is time for you to start today on a new path – the path that makes sure that you are not surprised and one of the majority employees who scramble to put together their resume when in a layoff. The path that shows your heedfulness and someone who is ready to take control of the circumstances rather than letting himself/herself be a victim.

Some tips to get you going:

  • You might be working on one project or many at a time, you have all the information on what you are working on right now, but do you think if further down the road – say, 5 years from now when you are ready to change career or are applying for a new job – would you recall all your accomplishments? Make it a habit to religiously update your personal work records document. Document the new skills you learn at work or if there were any courses you took through the company or on your own.
  • Save copies of Emails that you have received as testimonials and appreciation of your work from your clients, co-workers or managers. It is also a good idea to include them in the main document that lists your accomplishments.
  • Did any of your work, or the project you have been with, result in increased revenues for the company? This information can be most valuable since your abilities and expertise is often judged by the results you have achieved so far. Keep a good record and don’t hesitate to get some numbers from your finance or marketing department on how the project resulted in increased sales or revenues for the company.
  • Don’t forget the positive feedbacks and appreciation that you might be receiving during a presentation or at your company’s expo. If this was all verbal, it is yet again a good idea to memorize or note on the person’s business card the context of the conversation and politely Email this person back if he would be willing to send the same over an Email or fax. Most often you will not be disappointed.

When you make it a routine to document your accomplishments you are well on your way to your career success.